Indian Pilot Program

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an airline pilot? Epic Flight Academy’s Indian Pilot Program is designed to provide students seeking employment under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India with structured flight training taking them from zero experience to a successful career as an airline pilot. The course is designed to support students who speak English as a second language and wish to pursue a career as a professional pilot. In the aviation industry, the ability to read, write, and speak English proficiently is required for most employees and all pilots. Our flight school students have unlimited access to English tutoring to develop Aviation English skills during Ground School training.

Mayank Goyal

Mayank Goyal trained at Epic and is now an airline pilot with Qatar Airways.

Epic is proud to have helped more than 5,300 international students from 88 countries prepare for jobs in aviation. Epic has successfully provided an unparalleled pilot program for Indian students to reach their dream airline job at Jet Airways and IndiGo, such as GoAir. With the demand for airline pilots at an all-time high and pilot salaries soaring, aspiring aviators are seeking the most cost and time-effective ways to fulfill their flight training and airline pilot career dreams.

Transferable, Top Quality FAA Pilot Programs
Our flight school’s flight training courses are the leading United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Professional Pilot courses. World-renowned for structure and rigorous training standards, licenses and certificates issued by the FAA are recognized globally by all Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), including the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. FAA approved flight courses are the key to worldwide pilot career opportunities, as they require English Proficiency and successful completion results in an ICAO Level 4 English language endorsement, which is a required skill set for students intending to fly routes between countries with different native languages, opening up a world of possibility.

Virtual Online Flight Academy
Epic Flight Academy provides important resources for its international flight students. Our Online Virtual Flight Academy lets you connect with your FAA Flight Instructor and classmates before you arrive here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The online, interactive pilot training course helps you develop aviation skills and build a knowledge base of aviation terms and concepts so you will have an advantage when you begin attending Epic’s Ground School. With training videos on Cessna 172s, aircraft systems, aircraft performance, FAA regulations, and the New Smyrna Beach Airport, students can start their training from home. Try our Demo Online Course.

Aviation Skill Development (ASD) and Private Pilot Ground School
The ASD is a unique course only offered at Epic Flight Academy. During this phase of flight training, ground school students will build on the information they gained from the Virtual Flight Academy and also start simulator training. The purpose of ASD is to familiarize students with the Cessna 172 and the New Smyrna Beach Airport. ASD increases students’ safety and awareness.

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DGCA CPL Professional Pilot Program

FAA Single-Engine CPL & Multi-Engine CPL – Tuition: $49,931.53
DGCA Solo 72 Hours: $16,920.00 
DGCA Multi-Engine Seneca – 10 Hours: $3,550.00
Epic $5000 Credit
Program Duration: 6 to 8 months
Flight Time: 211 hours
Solo DGCA: 100 hours

Total DGCA Tuition after Epic flight training credit: $64,841.16


Indian Pilot Program Course Requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • High school education or equivalent
  • Read, write, speak the English language
  • Valid international passport
  • Full-time student 5 days per week

Summer 2019 Tuition Effective June 13, 2019
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Private Pilot: This course covers Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight training in conjunction with the ASD and Ground School. Students will learn basic aerodynamics, FAA regulations, aircraft weight & balance, and aircraft performance. At successful completion, student will be able to command a single aircraft solo in VFR conditions. Learn more about our Private Pilot Course.

Epic Online Virtual Academy – 60 Hours
Aviation Skills Development – 200 Hours
Simulator – Cessna 172 w/ Instructor – 15 Hours
Flight – Cessna 172 w/ Instructor – 40 Hours
Solo Flight – Cessna 172 – 10 Hours
One-on-One Instruction – 20 Hours
Pre & Post Briefing – 6 Hours
Tuition: $19,985.50

Instrument Pilot: This course covers flight training Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) with procedures specific to instrument flying, additional instruction in meteorology, and more intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments. At successful completion, student will be able to command a single aircraft solo in IFR conditions. Learn more about our Instrument Pilot Course.

Instrument Pilot Ground School – 40 Hours
Simulator – Cessna 172 w/ Instructor – 19 Hours
Flight – Cessna 172 w/ Instructor – 24 Hours
One-on-One Instruction – 18 Hours
Pre & Post Briefing – 5 Hours
Tuition: $12,237.00

Commercial Single-Engine Pilot Course
Commercial Ground School – 40 Hours
Flight – Cessna 172 w/ Instructor – 32 Hours
Time Building Flight – Cessna 172 w/ Partner – 8 Hours
Solo Flight – Cessna 172 – 10 Hours
One-on-One Ground Instruction – 7 Hours
Pre/Post-Activity Briefing – 3 Hours
Tuition: $13,423.66

Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot Add-on Course
Simulator – Piper PA-44 w/ Instructor – 3 Hours
Flight – Piper PA-44 w/ Instructor – 5 Hours
One-on-One Ground Instruction – 14 Hours
Pre/Post-Activity Briefing – 4 Hours
Total Course Tuition: $3,725.00

Multi-Engine Commercial: This course covers IFR flight training in a multi-engine aircraft to commercial pilot standards At successful completion, student will be able to command a multi-engine aircraft in IFR conditions. Learn more about our Commercial Pilot Course.

Non-Tuition Fees:
Total Application Fee (includes Epic Virtual Academy, I-20, and I-90 SEVIS): $775
FAA Written Test: $150
FAA Flight Test: $700
Housing (based on availability): $750 per month/shared room

Transfer Students
If you have already logged flight training hours, we can accept you as a transfer student regardless of how much training you have had.


What are the hiring requirements for airlines in India?

Indian DGCA Preliminary Requirements:

  • Age: 18 years or older
  • Medical: Valid FAA & DGCA Class-I Medicals
  • Educational Qualification: 10+2years of schooling (or High School equivalent), with a Pass in Physics and Math
  • Valid FAA license with a letter of verification from the FAA

Requirements for the Indian DGCA during training at Epic:
The DGCA requires a total of 200 hours within the last 5 Years, which must include:
1) 100 Hrs Solo
2) 50 Solo cross-country
3) 10 Hrs of Instrument time, of which at least 5 hours must be in an aircraft
4) Instruments 40 Hours

The DGCA also requires the following within 6 months (which can be included in the 200-hour course):
1) 15 Hrs as PIC
2) 5 Hrs as PIC by Night, with at least 10 take off & 10 landings
3) A general flying test by Day, with three solo(unassisted) take off and landings
4) A general flying test Night, with three solo(unassisted) take off and landings
5) A 250 NM cross-country test by Day with one full stop landing at other aerodrome
6) A 120 NM cross-country test by Night (returning to point of dep. without landing)
7) One 300NM cross-country with 2 full stop landings
9) A signal reception test report.

Note: It is recommended that a student maintains 2 logbooks; one to record flights and training as per FAA standards, and one to submit to the DGCA as per their standards, both of which should be submitted to Epic Flight Academy for verification and certification. Students should also collect attested documents/statements of respective flights with regards to the preceding 5 years, 6 months, as well as the respective Day & Night checks and special cross-country flights.

Depending on the airline, additional time building flight hours may be required. Generally, Indian airlines require a total of 200 hours, so our students typically need an additional *60 hours to time building if they finish their commercial training within the estimated 140 hours. Below are links for hiring requirements for top choice airlines in India. Note: These requirements are subject to change at the discretion of the airline. Refer to the airline directly for the latest information. 

*Pilot-In-Command Time Building:
60 Hours – $6,166.20

View Pilot Hiring Requirements for:


What is the DGCA Pilot Conversion Process in India?

Once India students complete their FAA pilot training at Epic, they will need to follow the steps below to receive a “File Number” and a “Computer Number,” and officially convert their licenses to DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

  • Candidates are assigned a File Number after passing the DGCA Class II Medical Exam, which can be completed with doctor or medical facility that is authorized by the DGCA. The DGCA File Number pertains to all of your aviation Medical information in India and is required in order to schedule the DGCA Class I Medical test.
  • The DGCA Computer Number pertains to all of a candidate’s information regarding examinations and licensing throughout their aviation career in India. Once the DGCA has examined and verified a candidate’s educational documents, a DGCA Computer Number will be assigned. For those that underwent standard schooling in India, the Graduation Marks Card from 10th and 12th grade must be submitted to the DGCA. If your education was conducted outside of India, or with an academic board/academic organization that does not originate in India, you are required to apply for an “Equivalence Certificate” from the Association of Indian Universities.
    The Equivalence Certificate may be submitted to the DGCA, in lieu of Graduation Marks Cards from India  online here.
  • Using their DGCA Computer Number, students can apply for their DGCA Knowledge-Based Conversion Examinations online here. Candidates are advised to study and prepare for these exams from the subject material and exam question banks used by the JAA and EASA. The required exams are as folllows:
    • Navigation-Meteorology Composite (Must earn 70% or above)
    • Air Regulations (Must earn 70% or above)
    • Radio-Telephony Restricted (AERONAUTICAL) / RTR(A) (Pass or Fail)


How much do pilots earn in India?

If you are thinking about flight training to become a commercial airline pilot in India, we encourage you to research the average airline pilot salary there. There are several factors that influence pilot wages in India, including pilot experience and ratings. Pilots earn different incomes based on the various airlines, too. Currently, airline pilots earn approximately Rs 3,600,000 to Rs 9,600,000 annually in India. One Indian rupee equals .014 USD. An average income for new pilots in India is more than Rs 12 lakhs annually ($16,860 USD). A captain earns much more, approximately Rs 120 lakhs per year ($168,600 USD). Of course, pilot salaries vary among airlines and pilots, which is why we encourage you to research this when you are applying for a job. We have researched some of the nuances of pilot salaries in an article and continue to share information about this topic for our students.


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Relocation & Transportation Assistance
We understand that selecting and applying to a flight school, and arranging travel and housing, if necessary, can be very stressful, but our pilot training facility assists students in arranging each detail so that the transition is simple and easy. Visit our Student Life section for more information on our student amenities, transportation, events, and activities.