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When transferring to a new flight school, always check out the fleet.

Have you already had some level of flight instruction? Are you thinking you might want to transfer to another flight school? We have welcomed thousands of transfer flight students down through the years and helped them complete their flight training here at Epic. Whether you are interested in changing flight instructors or you simply quit flight training and would like to start again, we can help. You don’t have to be a flight school dropout. Transferring your flight hours to Epic makes perfect sense, and we can transfer you in at any level regardless of how much training you’ve had.

Why do people change flight schools?

Flight students change flight schools for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s simply logistics. Perhaps they have moved or are wanting to move to a new area to be closer to family or some other reason. Many international students transfer to the U.S. so they can perfect their English skills while earning their pilot’s license. Thousands of students choose to train in Florida because of the year-round flying-friendly climate. However, many times student pilots transfer because they are frustrated with their current flight school. We hear from flight students all the time who might like the area where they are training, but they feel that their school has bad flight instructors or unfair policies. In fact, ‘hated flight instructors’ is the number one reason we hear from our transfer students. This is strong language, and we feel it’s important to listen.

How does your current flight school meet your needs?

Your current flight school might be the perfect fit for you, and if it is, we think you should stay right where you are. However, if your flight school is failing to meet your needs, you owe it to yourself to find the school that is the best fit. Some questions you should be asking yourself include:

  • Does my instructor talk down to me and make me feel stupid?
  • Does my instructor schedule me for flight training maneuvers I’m not ready for?
  • Has my instructor lost his or her temper with me?
  • Do I dread lessons with my current flight instructor?
  • Do I feel intimidated by my flight instructor?
  • Does my CFI seem more interested in logging hours in his logbook than in teaching me?
  • Has my flight training run way over schedule and/or budget?
  • Does my current flight school have questionable policies and procedures?
  • Have I ever felt unsafe because of a policy at my school or a decision by my CFI?
  • Do I ever feel frustrated with my progress?
  • Do I sometimes feel like flying isn’t for me?

After you’ve asked yourself these questions and reflected on the answers, you’ll know if it’s time to find a new flight school. You have a dream to become a pilot, and you’re investing time and money into your education. You have the right to expect quality instruction in a career field that is growing daily. The commercial pilot shortage is a serious problem, and flight training to prepare for that career should be just as serious.

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Why should you transfer to Epic Flight Academy?

Transfer to Epic Flight Academy
Thinking about transferring to a new flight school? Think about Epic!

We have walked in your shoes and understand your needs. Whether you’re interested in transferring here, are a lapsed pilot seeking a private pilot refresher course, or are just getting into flying, we know exactly how you feel and what you need to do next. We meet your needs in a number of ways, but most importantly, we view all of our training, policies, and procedures from the student’s viewpoint. In every decision we make, we ask ourselves, “What is best for the student?” For example, at Epic you can expect the following:

  • Highly qualified flight instructors who possess the knowledge, skills, and disposition to help you succeed
  • Affordable and safe training
  • New, safe aircraft
  • An awareness of and respect for your personal timeline goals and budget
  • An environment where every success is celebrated and recognized, where you are respected and heard

What does all of this look like here at Epic Flight Academy?

Our CFIs and CFIIs have met the rigorous requirements set forth by the FAA, but they have also met Epic’s high standards of flight instruction. Our instructors treat you with courtesy and respect. They make sure you have mastered skills and concepts in your ground training before they ask you to apply them in flight maneuvers. Flying time is the most expensive part of your training. When a CFI sits next to you in a plane, he is logging hours in his logbook, and that’s fair. But that shouldn’t be the main reason he is flying with you.

At Epic, we are proud to have a fleet of flight simulators where you can safely practice maneuvers without adding greatly to the expense of your flight training. Keeping costs low is one of our goals for our students, and we approach flight training with this in mind. We will teach you everything you need to know on the ground before you begin logging flight hours. This is more efficient, safe, and affordable.

Our instructors are patient and supportive. They encourage you. They never discourage you. Our motto is “Safety first!” If you are feeling tense and overwhelmed, you will be less safe. Therefore, we foster a caring environment where you receive rigorous flight instruction in a positive and relaxed setting. A positive relationship with your instructor is the key to your success, so we build your skills while building your confidence. We boast a stellar safety record and pass rate for our students because we apply the simple principle of treating our students the way we wish to be treated ourselves. We share our knowledge and treat you with respect.

What’s next?

If you feel that you will benefit from the Epic environment, we encourage you to connect with us and let us answer any questions you may have. We have no sales staff here to pressure you into anything. We do, however, have a qualified admissions team who can answer all of your questions.

Transferring is different for everyone in terms of evaluating your knowledge and skills. The Transfer Evaluation Process includes the following:

  1. Epic will review your training record and evaluate your flight skills.
  2. Epic will conduct a final review of your log book.
  3. Your flight skills will be reviewed.
  4. Some of the review will include ground and possibly simulator.
  5. Epic will determine your FAA minimums and provide a formal quote that is specific to your ability and experience.
  6. Epic accepts all FAA-approved licenses and ratings.

Regardless of where you left off in your flight training, whether right at the beginning or near the end, we can help you cross the finish line! For more information on each course, please visit the categories below or contact us today. If you are an international student and have earned a private pilot license, you will need to convert your flight training with the FAA.

Courses Offered by Epic

So, if you’d like to transfer to Epic, contact us now, and we’ll help plan your next step.

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