9th Annual Epic Aviation Scholarship Awards in 2024

Epic Aviation Scholarship

Save the Date: Scholarship Event – Sat., Nov. 9, 2024

Aviation Scholarships for U.S. High School Students:

1 – $20,000 Scholarship – Flight Training
4 – $5,000 Scholarships – Flight Training (One each at Jacksonville, Tucson, New Smyrna Beach, and Ocala)
2 – $20,000 Scholarships – Aircraft Mechanics Program (One each at CVG Airport and New Smyrna Beach)

Epic’s aviation scholarship program continues to grow each year to support young people interested in aviation. These scholarships are open to U.S. high school students. In 2023, we awarded 5 pilot scholarships and 2 aircraft mechanic scholarships. The four $5,000 flight scholarships were awarded for use at these locations: 1) New Smyrna Beach, FL (2 winners); 2) Ocala, FL; and 3) Tallahassee, FL.

In 2023, Epic awarded five flight training scholarships and two aircraft mechanic scholarships. Epic Flight Academy prides itself on attracting top students. We invite high school students from anywhere in the United States to apply for these annual scholarships. Epic has awarded more than $360,000 to 27 high school students in the last eight years of hosting this event.

2023 Winners

The 2023 winners were: Robert Brown and Orion Maka each won $20,000 for aircraft mechanic training. Juliana Gonzalez (KEVB), Melissa Hernandez (KEVB), Roger Roden (KOCF), and Cody Stebbins (KTLH) each won $5,000 for flight training, and Shemuel Ortiz won $20,000 for flight training. Congratulations to all! This was a total of 7 scholarships totaling $80,000.

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors!

2023 Epic Aviation Scholarship Sponsors
Thank you to our 2023 scholarship sponsors!

High School Scholarship Requirements:

  • First, the applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Furthermore, the applicant must currently be a junior or senior attending high school in the U.S. for the flight training scholarships.
  • For the aircraft mechanic scholarship, applicants must currently be a senior attending high school in the U.S.
  • Applicants must be turning 16 years of age or older on or before December 31, 2024 (flight training); or, you must be 18 years old by time of completing program (aircraft mechanic)
  • All applicants must be able to start training within 12 months of receiving the scholarship.
  • Also, you must be able to use the scholarship within 24 months.
  • Additionally, you must have parent or guardian’s approval if under 18 years of age.
  • Most importantly, applicants must have consistent, reliable transportation to attend Epic Flight Academy or be willing to relocate here during training.
  • Finally, you must be able to present a Third Class Medical for the flight training scholarship.

High School Scholarship Application Details


Our goal is to give applicants the opportunity to provide quality submissions and showcase their attitudes. We are interested in learning your views on flying, goal-setting, and other qualities.

Applicants should first review the requirements of the Scholarship Application below. Then, applicants should complete all steps, such as securing letters of recommendation. Lastly, they should upload all required documents.

What is included in your application?

  • Upload PDF document containing Community Service Involvement & Extracurricular Activities, including Organization/Affiliation, Date and Duration, and Location (for pilots only)
  • Upload PDF document containing responses to both of the following Short Essay prompts:
    • Short Essay 1: What personal attributes would you look for in a scholarship applicant? (for pilots only)
    • Short Essay 2: What is your motivation for your aviation training? (Include your goals.)
  • Upload 2 Letters of Recommendation: At least one must be from a high school teacher, counselor, coach, or other school official. Both Letters of Recommendation may be from teachers, counselors, coaches, or other school officials. Letters of Recommendation must not be from anyone related to you, including a guardian. Letters of Recommendation should be from adults who have served in a supervisory role to you. Please ensure that the Letters of Recommendation include the reference’s contact information.
  • Create YouTube Video: In two minutes or less, creatively explain why you feel that you are the strongest candidate to receive a scholarship. Upload the video to YouTube, and be prepared to provide the link in the application. (for pilots only)
  • Upload Aviation-Related Photo: Provide us with an aviation-related photo of yourself in either jpg, jpeg, or png file format. If you win, we will share your photo on our website and in other scholarship materials.

How to Apply:

Have your materials ready to upload, and then apply online for the pilot scholarship or apply online for the aircraft mechanic scholarship.

Scholarship FAQs:

How many scholarships will be awarded in 2024? We will award flight scholarships to 5 U.S. high school students and mechanic scholarships to 2 U.S. high school seniors. So, we will award scholarships to a total of 7 high school students.

What is included in the high school scholarship application? The application consists of:

  • two short essay questions (pilot app only)
  • your current high school information (both pilot and mechanic apps)
  • community service (pilot only)
  • letters of recommendation (both pilot and mechanic)
  • one video uploaded to YouTube (pilot only)
  • one photo (both pilot and mechanic)

Do I get additional points for submitting my application earlier that other applicants? The date an application is received carries no weight in the scoring process. However, the application must be submitted by the October 1st deadline.

When will I know if I’ve been selected for the final round? We will notify final round applicants by October 15th.

What is the next step if I’m chosen for the final round? Final round applicants participate in a phone interview with a panel of judges who will determine the scholarship recipients. .

Must I attend the award ceremony? If you win, you are not required to attend, although we do hope you will. Our aviation scholarship awards event is a lot of fun, and you’ll get to meet a lot of Epic staff and students.

Visiting Epic

Do I need to visit Epic Flight Academy in order to be eligible? It is important that applicants explore all that Epic Flight Academy has to offer and ensure our flight school is a good fit. We’d love to have applicants visit our campus. However, we understand that scheduling a visit can be a challenge. If you are unable to visit our campus, don’t worry! Contact us if you have questions. Also, you can take a virtual tour and learn a lot here on our website. (NOTE TO TEACHERS: Epic offers field trips if you would like to bring your students to campus.)

Will I get additional points for visiting Epic Flight Academy? Applicants that visit Epic Flight Academy do not receive any additional points or consideration in the scoring process.

Aviation Scholarship Awards Event

We will host our 9th annual award ceremony on Saturday, November 9, 2024 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Epic Aviation Scholarship Recipients


2023 Scholarship Winners
L-R: Shemuel Ortiz, Orion Maka, New Smyrna Beach Mayor Fred Cleveland, Juliana Gonzalez, and Robert Brown (Winners not pictured: Roger Roden, Cody, Stebbins, and Melissa Hernandez)


2022 Scholarship Winners
Scholarship winners with presenters: (L-R) Landon Bosco, Epic Founder and CEO Danny Perna, Aaron Perez, New Smyrna Beach Mayor Russ Owens, and Austin White (Winners not pictured: Ethan Harpending and Roland Ireland)


2021 Epic Scholarship Recipients
Scholarship winners with Epic staff: (L-R)Abdul Maflahi, Tyler Vischer, Dr. Cindy Lovell (Director of Education), Captain Judy Rice (Epic Ground School Instructor), and Luke Hamilton (Winner not pictured: Julia Juedes)


2020 Aviation Scholarship Winners
Congratulations to our 2020 Aviation Scholarship Winners (L-R): Michael Leonardi and Sadie Gerstle (Winner not pictured: Edson Delgado)


2019 Aviation Scholarship Winner
New Smyrna Beach, FL Mayor Russ Owen (right) presented 2019 scholarship recipient Trace Martinson with a $20,000 scholarship. Bronwyn Rees (not pictured) received a $5,000 scholarship.


Russ Owen and Nick Antedomenico
New Smyrna Beach Mayor Russ Owen (L) presented scholarships to 2018 Winners Nicholas Antedomenico (R) and Julio Cejas (not pictured)


Epic Scholarship 2017 Recipients
2017 Scholarship Recipients (L-R) Ryan Groel, Mitchell Nathan, and Skye Sobzack


Recipient Victoria Taranowski
2016 Scholarship Recipient Victoria Taranowski and Epic Founder and CEO Danny Perna

Epic Aviation Scholarship Contact: Dr. Cindy Lovell

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2023 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winners

Robert Brown
Juliana Gonzalez
Melissa Hernandez
Orion Maka
Shemuel Ortiz
Roger Roden
Cody Stebbins

2022 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winners

Austin White
Landon Bosco
Roland Ireland
Aaron Perez
Ethan Harpending

2021 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winners

Abdul Maflahi
Luke Hamilton
Tyler Vischer
Julia Juedes

2020 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winners

Michael Leonardi
Sadie Gerstle
Edson Delgado

2019 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winners

Trace Martinson
Bronwyn Rees

2018 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winners

Nicholas Antedomenico
Julio Cejas

2017 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winners

Ryan Groel
Mitchell Nathan
Skye Sobzack

2016 Epic Aviation Scholarship Winner

Victoria Taranowski

Lastly, we wish everyone the best as you apply for an aviation scholarship. Also, you may visit our scholarship resource list to see if there are additional scholarships for which you can apply. Certainly, aviation training can be costly. However, scholarships can help minimize the cost.

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