Why Choose Epic Flight Training?

Why Choose Epic Flight Academy

Choosing the Right Flight School

There are many factors to consider when choosing a flight school. Therefore, you may be asking yourself, “Why choose Epic flight training?” First of all, Epic Flight Academy is a Cessna Pilot Center, and we have been training commercial airline pilots since 1999. In fact, thousands of students from 80+ countries have graduated from our flight school. They enroll because they trust our proven leadership, and we train them to the highest FAA standards. We support our students on their way to a career with the airline of their dreams. Providing safe, talented pilots for 300+ airlines, our network of Epic graduates reaches around the world. So, if a pilot career is your dream, Epic is here to provide the training you’ll need.

Safety first!

Epic Graduate on Choosing Epic

Your flight training begins with a safe environment! Epic’s staff and students prioritize the safety of themselves and others before anything else. For example, we are proactive in all situations in order to protect people and property. Epic boasts an award-winning safety record and state-of-the-art training equipment. We buy our planes new directly from the factory. Therefore, the average age of our fleet is just 5 years. Virtual Flight Academy is an online resource that enhances our safety goals. Most importantly, Epic’s high safety standards are the foundation for successful flight training.

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Why is Epic Flight Academy faster and more affordable than other large flight schools?

At Epic Flight Academy, we are not trying to train the most pilots, just the best pilots. We aim to do this at a lower cost than other schools our size, and we use advanced flight simulators toward this end. Additionally, our one-on-one training ensures our students are getting exactly what they need. This is why we enjoy an incredibly high first-time pass rate.

Does Epic offer transferable, top quality FAA pilot programs?

Captain Mo Al Ani and Brock Vowels
Captain Mo Al Ani (left) congratulates Brock Vowels on passing his commercial checkride!

Yes! Our flight training courses are the leading Part 141 and Part 61 FAA-approved Professional Pilot courses. Courses provide structure and rigorous training standards that lead to your FAA licenses and certificates. These are recognized globally by all Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). We prepare our students for professional pilot positions, regardless of the country where they intend to pursue their careers. FAA-approved flight courses are the key to worldwide pilot career opportunities. All airlines require English proficiency. Therefore, our students complete training with an ICAO Level 4 English language endorsement. This is a required skill for all pilots worldwide.

Are the weather conditions suitable for flight training at Epic?

Great Weather for Flight Training
Florida is a beautiful place to flight train!

Yes, the climate here on the east coast of Central Florida is perfect for flight training. Epic offers several training locations. Home base is at the New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport. New Smyrna Beach offers a wide variety of restaurants and outdoor activities. It is a short drive away from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Disney World, and other popular destinations. Florida has flat terrain, a mild winter, and relaxing ocean breezes. Additionally, the temperature averages 70+ degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

As a result, our main campus is exceptional for accelerated pilot training. We are the only flight school on site, so our students enjoy the comfort of a low traffic, towered airport. Most importantly, NSB’s Air Traffic Controllers are experienced with student pilots, therefore they support you into your flight training. Nearby, there are several public airports that don’t charge airport taxes or landing fees. For these reasons, our pilots experience the best possible training environment.

Can Epic train me in Next Generation aviation facilities?

Our flight academy maintains a fleet of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft designed for flight training. Epic’s fleet is equipped with G-1000 glass cockpits. Therefore, our students train with the level of avionics used by the airlines. We purchase aircraft new from the factory. Pilot training incorporates computer-based training, simulation, and next generation aircraft, because technology is a key element of modern aviation. Most importantly, these features are embedded into each stage of flight training, which enhances your airline job search.

Is Epic’s fleet well maintained?

Epic Fleet Maintenance
Epic Flight Academy’s aircraft maintenance crew keeps our fleet flying safely.

We purchase all new aircraft, and we are committed to keeping everything maintained to the highest safety standards. Our Cessna 172 and Piper Seminole aircraft are serviced by our on-site Maintenance Department. This ensures a higher dispatch rate and faster completion time than many other pilot training facilities. As a certified Cessna Service Center, our training fleet is equipped with SMS, GPS, Auto Pilot features, and the foundation for the jet cockpit. Furthermore, Cessna recognized Epic with a safety standards award.

Our fleet includes FAA-approved flight simulators, and this helps you complete your flight training in the most cost-efficient way. Simulators allow you to learn and practice various maneuvers without fuel, and this reduces the cost. Routine tests ensure students are experiencing flight training in simulators that properly prepares them to execute the same maneuvers in an actual plane.

Are Epic’s flight instructors all certified?

Yes, and Epic’s CFIIs are highly rated by our students. Our flight instructors proudly train flight students using innovative training resources, techniques, and equipment. In fact, we frequently hire our own graduates to work as certified flight instructors. Why? Because we know they have received the best training available here at Epic! Our customized online learning environment supports both one-on-one and group instruction. Also, our online tracking system gives you easy access to gauge your pilot school progress. Your online account allows you to view:

  • Debit account transactions
  • Flight activity schedule
  • Total hours logged
  • Completion date
  • Flight activity grades
  • Instructor feedback

Are there amenities on site?

Student Appreciation Days at Epic Flight Academy
Epic students enjoy camaraderie and make lasting memories!

You will find a fully stocked pilot shop in our main building with pilot training uniforms, books, and charts. We also stock other flight academy items, and we have snacks and drinks. Our campus features dedicated spaces for students to relax or study. These include our student lounge areas, library, and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, Epic offers housing options, and there are also many housing options nearby. Therefore, you won’t have a long commute to flight school. We even provide free bus transportation.

Do students have time for fun?

Fun and Games for Epic Students
Student pilots enjoy some fun and games in between flight training classes!

Yes, student life is positive, and it’s fun-filled. For instance, we hold frequent student appreciation events to honor your hard work and dedication. Furthermore, we enjoy fun and games with our students. Most importantly, you are part of the Epic family. Epic also publishes a monthly newsletter highlighting student achievements. Student life at Epic is positive and engaging. Above all, we want you to remember Epic fondly. We hope you will keep in touch when you’re flying for the airlines.

Are there networking opportunities with airlines?

Airline Networking Opportunities
Epic hosts numerous airlines for pilot career seminars.

Yes, Epic maintains close relationships with numerous airlines, and we often hear from airlines looking to hire pilots and mechanics. Our students have many opportunities to meet with representatives from airlines. Epic frequently holds airline pilot career seminars. Therefore, you can ask questions and decide on the best career path for you. Most importantly, we rely on professionals in the aviation industry who serve on our Program Advisory Committee.

What other resources are available?

First of all, we invite you to visit our campus for a personalized tour of our flight school. Or, you can take a virtual tour. Finally, we encourage you to take a Discovery Flight Introductory Lesson. This lets you experience our flight instructors in action, and you can even log your flight time. Contact us today to meet, and we can schedule your firsthand look at our facilities and fleet.

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