Discovery Flight: Your Guide to Discovering the Skies

Preflight Briefing Discovery Flight
Instructor Cory Peterson preflights the aircraft with flight student Terez Hall on his Discovery Flight.

What is a Discovery Flight?

A discovery flight is an introductory flying lesson designed for those curious about aviation. If you want to learn to fly, do this first! It’s not just a scenic ride; it’s a hands-on experience that puts you in the pilot’s seat with the guidance of an Epic Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). This step is vital for anyone considering flying as a hobby or a career path. It offers a preview of what to expect from pilot training. Whether you want to become an airline pilot or simply earn a private pilot license for recreational flying, start here!

What are the benefits of a Discovery Flight?

Taking a discovery flight comes with substantial benefits. It allows you to experience the thrill of flying up close and personal. It also provides insight into the workings of air traffic control (ATC). You’ll hear pilot chatter and interact with the tower. Your flight gives you a peek into the dynamics of an airport along with the basics of piloting an aircraft. Most importantly, it serves as an essential learning lesson, introducing you to the principles of flight and fueling your pilot dreams.

How to Book Your Discovery Flight

Booking a discovery flight is easy. Simply contact any of our locations and let us know when you want to fly. Our staff will help you set it up. You can also purchase a gift certificate for the aspiring aviator in your life. Discovery flights make a unique gift for friends and family interested in aviation.

Terez Hall pilots during discovery flight
Terez Hall has the left seat (pilot in command) during his Epic Discovery Flight. Yes, the views are amazing up here!

Duration and What to Expect

The duration of an Epic discovery flight is one hour. This provides ample time for a comprehensive pre-flight briefing, the flight itself, and a debriefing session. During the pre-flight inspection, you’ll learn about the aircraft (Cessna Skyhawk), basic flight controls, and safety procedures. Once you’re in the air, you’ll get to take the controls under the supervision of your instructor. What a way to experience the thrill of flying firsthand! After landing, the instructor will debrief your flight experience and discuss next steps if you want to pursue pilot training.

How much does a Discovery Flight cost?

A one-hour discovery flight at Epic in a Cessna Skyhawk costs $158. This makes it an affordable way for anyone to experience flying. This cost includes everything from the pre-flight briefing to the actual flight time. We will provide you with headsets, too. It’s a great value for anyone exploring the possibility of becoming a pilot.

Watch Our Discovery Flight Video Instead!

Can anyone take a Discovery Flight?

Yes, as long as you are physically able to get in and out of the aircraft, you can fly with us. For anyone under the age of 18, we require parents to sign a waiver. We welcome parents to fly in the backseat to watch their child fly.

Discovery Flight Logbook Update
Flight Instructor Cory Peterson signs Terez Hall’s logbook entry after the Discovery Flight.

Learning Lesson and Logbook

A discovery flight is not just about the experience. It’s a genuine learning lesson that introduces you to the fundamentals of flight. You can enter your flight time in a pilot logbook, with your instructor signing off. Your discovery flight is the beginning of your aviation journey. This entry is a tangible reminder of your experience and can be the first logged flight time if you decide to pursue pilot training.

Terez Hall's Discovery Flight at Epic
After his flight, Terez Hall shared, “The Discovery Flight at Epic truly reinforced my desire to pursue a private pilot license. They welcomed me with open arms and answered any questions I had about the program. The flight itself was the best part! I felt safe in the sky knowing the instructor was very knowledgeable and explained every aspect I needed to know about the flight. The experience was 10/10, I definitely recommend!”

Is a Discovery Flight worth it?

The question of whether a discovery flight is worth it can be answered with a resounding yes! It’s a unique opportunity to experience the world of aviation from the pilot’s seat. The discovery flight offers insights and experiences that are invaluable for anyone seriously considering a future in flying. The hands-on experience, guidance from a seasoned pilot, and sheer joy of flight make it an investment in your personal or career development.

Are Discovery Flights safe?

Yes. At Epic, our motto is “Safety first!” This is why we buy our aircraft brand new from the factory. Our experienced flight instructors are FAA-certified. Many even trained here at Epic. Lastly, if there is any question about the weather, we will reschedule your flight for the safest flying conditions.

Is there an Epic Flight Academy location near me?

We have several flight school locations across the country and look forward to welcoming you to any of our campuses! We’ll give you a tour of our school, introduce you to staff and other students, and get you up in the air!

Your Pathway to the Skies

A discovery flight is more than just a flight; it’s your introduction to the aviation world. It demystifies flying and provides vital insights into the life of a pilot. This first flight can ignite a lifelong passion for the skies. Whether you’re curious about aviation, considering a career as a pilot, or looking for a unique gift, a discovery flight is an unparalleled experience. So, why wait? Contact us and book yours today. The sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.

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