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Flight Instructor Training Course

Teach what you love!

Do you love to fly? And, do you love sharing your knowledge with others? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, you would make a great flight instructor!

At Epic Flight Academy, we understand the importance of learning and continuing education. Certainly, professional pilots are required to learn over the course their entire aviation career. For instance, they train when they are upgrading to new aircraft or technology. Likewise, completing their six-month currency check is part of their ongoing learning. In other words, every professional pilot will forever be a student. Therefore, becoming a flight instructor is a great way to do both: teach and learn. Furthermore, you’ll build hours that can help you become hired as a commercial airline pilot someday.

Whether you are brand new to teaching and flight instruction or are very experienced, Epic is a great place to train. We are confident you will thrive in our self-paced Flight Instructor Academy. Captain Mike Thompson teaches this course. Mike’s impressive credentials and enthusiasm for teaching and flying make him an excellent instructor. As a result, you’ll enjoy the challenges and rewards of training here at Epic.

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding.”


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Course

As a Certificated Flight Instructor, you will gain the qualifications to teach Private Pilot and Commercial Single-Engine students. Our flight school hires motivated, certified instructors. This frequently leads to the offer of a paid instructing position here at Epic upon successful completion of the course. We love hiring our successful students, because we know they have undergone rigorous training.

Students who truly dedicate themselves to completing their CFI, study hard, and make pilot training the top priority, will complete within an 8-week period. That means by Week 9 you will be a CFI!

Part-time students who need to train at their own pace should speak with a recruiter. Although such a personalized program is less efficient than enrolling in the course, it can be designed based on your availability. A recruiter can provide a customized estimate of duration and cost. Also, should you need assistance, financing options are available.

CFI Ground School – 120 Hours
Flight | Cessna 172 w/ Instructor – 15 Hours
One-on-One Ground Instruction for Oral Exam Preparation – 13 Hours
Pre/Post-Activity Briefing – 3 Hours

Total Course Time: 2 months
Total Course Tuition: $11,155

CFI Course Training Schedule

CFI Training Course Schedule
  • Total Course Time including ground school, pre/post, flights, FTD/simulator training, and 1-on-1 oral prep: 151 hours
  • Total Flight Time including spin endorsement: 15 hours
  • FTD/Simulator included

Please note the following information about your course schedule and expectations:

  • All CFI classes run 1100 to 1400 for 8 weeks, 120 hours
  • CFI Classes run Monday – Friday
  • Your CFI Classes are in the Amelia Earhart classroom, Building A
  • Students are expected to come into this class with thorough commercial SE knowledge and ideally a commercial SE license.
  • This course is a lot of work, so a high level of motivation is expected!
  • Course includes ground school, flight training (9 flights), 3 FTD/simulator training (30 min. each), and 9 oral exam preps to prepare you for your FAA oral exam.

Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Add-on Course

CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument) allows you to teach instrument rating students. This includes both aeronautical knowledge and flight training. If you’re already a professional pilot, this is the best way to build your instrument skills.

Simulator | TruFlite Cessna 172 w/Instructor -10 Hours
Flight | Cessna 172 w/ Instructor – 5 Hours
One-on-One Ground Instruction – 15 Hours
Pre/Post-Activity Briefing – 4 Hours

Total Course Time: 3 weeks
Total Course Tuition: $5,860

Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (MEI) Add-on Course

As an MEI, you will have the qualifications and credentials to teach students in Multi-Engine courses. If you dedicate yourself to completing your MEI, study hard, and make pilot training your main priority, you will complete within a 4-week period.

Part-time students that are working or enrolled in school may find that their MEI takes longer to finish. We encourage you to chat with a recruiter to discuss your specific needs and availability.

FTD/Flight Simulator | Piper PA-44 w/ Instructor – 6 Hours
Flight | Piper PA-44 w/ Instructor – 5 Hours
One-on-One Ground Instruction – 15 Hours
Pre/Post-Activity Briefing – 4 Hours

Total Course Time: 3 weeks
Total Course Tuition: $6,488

*Students must have a minimum of 15 hours of Multi-Engine PIC time in order to qualify as a Multi-Engine instructor. Students with previous flight experience typically only require 5 hours of dual PA-44 flight time.

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Meet Your CFI Course Manager!

Flight Instructor Leader Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson

Mike wrote a breakthrough teaching book for flight instructors. Most noteworthy, it is applicable to teachers of all disciplines. It promotes the idea that the “new school” of teaching, which embraces electronic technology, cannot sacrifice the “old school” of human relationships. The human brain stills learns in largely the same way that it has for millennia. Mike has a unique background in education and aviation. Therefore, combined with the resources available at our award-winning flight school, we produce extraordinary results for students.

Telling is not Teaching CFI Instructors

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Flight Instructor Course

Q: How do I get my flight instructor rating?

A. First of all, you must have already earned your PPL, IR, and CPL. After that, enroll in a flight instructor course like ours. You can earn your CFI rating in 2 months. After that, you can earn your CFII add-on in 3 weeks. Finally, you can earn your MEI add-on in 3 weeks.

Q: How many hours does it take to earn my instructor rating?

A. It takes approximately 150 hours of training over an 8-week period. After that, you’ll only have to pass your check-ride. Your CFII requires approximately 34 hours over 3 weeks. Lastly, your MEI requires 30 hours over 3 weeks.

Q: How much does a flight instructor rating cost?

A. Tuition for your CFI rating costs $9,488. Furthermore, CFII add-on costs $4,405. Finally, the MEI add-on costs $5,002.

What’s next after I earn my Flight Instructor (CFI) License?

Once you have earned your instructor ratings, you will probably want to go on to the next rating: ATP-CTP Course (Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program). Finally! This is the last step toward the ultimate goal of becoming a professional pilot!

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