Piper PA-44 Seminole

Piper PA-44 Seminole

The Piper PA-44 Seminole is the best twin-engine aircraft for training, which is why Epic Flight Academy purchases new Seminoles for its fleet directly from Piper. We have been training commercial airline pilots since 1999 and have come to rely on the Seminole as the perfect flight training aircraft for multi-engine ratings. The price for training is surprisingly affordable. Check out the pictures and specs:


Piper PA-44 Cabin Interior

Piper PA-44 Cabin Interior

Width: 3′ 5″
Seats: 4

The Piper Seminole is designed for comfort and durability. The seats are ergonomic allowing pilots to concentrate on flying.


Piper PA-44 Avionics

Piper PA-44 Avionics Instrument Panel

-GARMIN G1000® NXi Avionics Suite
-GRS 79 AHRS Computer
-GDC 72 Air Data Computer
-Garmin FliteCharts
-Garmin SafeTaxi
-GMA 1360 Digital Audio Panel
-GTX 335R Transponder
-Glass cockpit


Piper PA-44 Specifications

Piper PA-44 Specifications

Length: 27′ 6″
Height: 8′ 5″
Wingspan: 38′ 6″

Max. T/O Weight: 3,925 lb.
Empty Weight: 2,461 lb.

Rate of Climb: 1,290 fpm
Climbing Rate One Engine Inop: 180 fpm
Max. Speed: 196 kts
Normal Cruise: 185 kts
Economy Cruise: 158 kts
Max. Range: 700 nm
Max. Cruise Speed: 162 ktas
T/O Distance: 2,200 ft.
Landing Distance: 1,490 ft.

Fuel Capacity:
Usable: 108 U.S. gallons

2) Lycoming O-360-A1H6
Horsepower: 180 hp each

Hartzell 2-blade, full feathering, constant speed

Flight Training

Flight Training in a Piper PA-44

Flight Training in a Piper PA-44

Epic Flight Academy’s fleet includes the Piper PA-44 Seminole because it is the premier twin-engine training aircraft. We provide pilot training for students with no experience or those who are transferring flight hours. The PA-44 is equipped with extraordinary safety features. It is efficient and comfortable, and we have trained thousands of airline pilots in the PA-44.

Video on Epic’s Piper PA-44 Seminole

About Piper PA-44 Training

Piper PA-44 Manual
Piper Seminole Information Manual

Any pilot working on an ATP license will learn to fly twin-engine aircraft, and the PA-44 is ideal as the specs show. Piper is a general aviation aircraft manufacturer. From the checklist to the POH, from the nose to the tail, the Seminole is an ideal trainer aircraft. The cost for multi-engine training in the PA-44 is surprisingly low. An add-on course takes about three weeks and typically costs less than $5,000. Epic’s PA-44 is not a turbo aircraft. However, pilots love how easy it is to fly. The piston engine is a favorite with students.

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