ATP-CTP Course

Epic Flight Academy is proud to offer an ATP-CTP course in partnership with Simulator Center LLC. The ATP-CTP (Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program) is an essential step before taking the Airline Transport Pilot Knowledge Test (ATP written test). The course includes 32 hours of classroom training followed by 10 hours of flight simulator training and is offered in the Orlando, Florida area.

Our FAA approved Part 61 flight school emphasizes flight safety first. Every course in every program, from PPL to multi-engine, fulfills requirements that lead to your FAA issued license. You will have unrestricted access to the finest instructors and state of the art training equipment. We provide quality instruction at an affordable cost. Epic welcomes all students at all levels and can build on your existing training whether military or private.

These Epic graduates who are now flying for Villa Air Flyme

ATP Written Exam Included

We cover these topics in the ATP-CTP course:

  • aerodynamics
  • automation
  • adverse weather conditions
  • air carrier operations
  • transport airplane performance
  • professionalism
  • leadership development
  • runway incursion avoidance
  • stall prevention and recovery
  • high altitude operations
  • crosswind take-offs and landings in adverse weather
  • preparation for ATP written exam (included in the course

ATP-CTP Course Details:

Ground Training: 32 Hours

  • FSTD Training – 10 hours
  • 4 hours Fixed Base Simulator
  • 6 hours Full Flight Simulator
  • ATP Knowledge Test (ATP Written)

Ground Training Subjects:

  • Aerodynamics: 8 Hours
  • Meteorology: 2 Hours
  • Air Carrier Operations: 14 Hours
  • Leadership/Professional Development CRM and Safety Culture: 6 Hours
  • ATP Knowledge Test (ATP Written): 2 Hours

Total: 32 Hours

FSTD Training:

  • Fixed Base Simulator: 4 Hours
  • Full Flight Simulator: 6 Hours

Total: 10 Hours

Simulator Training:

  • Demonstration-based training and experience-based training includes “demo and do” type of training where the instructor demonstrates a maneuver, and the student repeats it.
  • Navigation
  • Flight Management System
  • Automation including Autoflight

Total: 4 Hours

Full Flight Simulator Training:

  • Runway Safety
  • Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Ground Operations
  • High Altitude Operations
  • Stall and Upset Prevention and Recovery

Total: 6 Hours


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