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Pilot Training at Epic Flight Academy

Our flight school offers pilot training for students who have never had any flight training at all and those who have had some level of training. We train both domestic (U.S.) and international students. Regardless of your flight experience, we can take you to your next goal. For instance, you may be looking to earn a Private Pilot License (PPL) for recreational flying. Or, you may be working toward earning your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) for an airline pilot career job. Most importantly, Epic Flight Academy pilot training is designed to fit your individual needs. In other words. we meet the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) worldwide. Furthermore, we encourage you to do the research so you’ll know how to choose an ATP flight training program. Your professional career matters to us.

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Professional Pilot Training Programs

Students from around the world enroll in one of our professional pilot programs. We provide you with an accelerated Part 141 flight training package. This includes your Private Pilot License (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR), and Commercial Pilot License (CPL). These professional pilot programs are intended for students that are able to fly full-time. In other words, fly a minimum of 5 days per week, 5 hours per day with no gaps in training. Consequently, you can complete quickly and efficiently. We buy all training aircraft brand new from the factory. Also, for those who need student loans, financing options are available.

What types of programs does Epic offer?

Domestic Professional Pilot Program

Domestic Professional Pilot Program: This program is for U.S. residents who aspire to become professional pilots. Your flight training experience will lead to your PPL, IFR, and CPL. Additionally, you can earn your CFI and build flight time through flight instruction. This prepares you for employment with commercial airlines under United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. In other words, this is your pathway to a career in commercial aviation.

International Pilot Program

International Professional Pilot Program (non-European Union): This program is for international students (outside of the European Union) who aspire to become professional pilots. Your flight training experience will lead to your PPL, IFR, and CPL ratings. As a result, you are prepared for employment with commercial airlines under all Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). You will meet all minimum equivalent licensing requirements to be validated as a commercial pilot in your respective country with the exception of countries in the European Union. We have trained students from more than 100 countries. You can search for Epic pilots by country or by achievement.

College Degree Program (for Domestic & International)

College Degree Program: This program is open to domestic and international flight students. Our partnership with various colleges allows you to complete your professional pilot training at Epic. After that, transfer your flight training hours for college credit hours. Daytona State College is located just 13 miles from Epic. Purdue Global is completely online. Domestic students may dual-enroll. International students will need to complete all Epic flight training first. After that, return home, and change to an F-1 visa status. Finally, return to the U.S. to attend classes at DSC or study at Purdue Global from your home country. These programs are offered to pilots who would like to add a college degree to their credentials.

Epic-Trained Airline Pilots

Certainly we accept students from every country. We also have more detailed information about the following countries:

This is just a short list of the many countries whose students we serve. Regardless of your country of origin, we can provide the training you need for your aviation career.

Alternatively, students can select individual courses under Part 61 Instruction. This allows a more flexible schedule. For instance, those that require scheduling accommodations prefer Part 61. This may be due to other commitments, such as employment or university education.

Individual Pilot Training Courses

If you are not planning to enroll in a pilot training program, we offer individual courses. As a result, you can learn to fly at your own pace. You can even take a Discovery Flight Introductory Lesson. You can find detailed information about individual pilot courses here:

Regardless of which pilot training track you select, all of our flight school courses are approved by the FAA. As a result, Epic is in compliance with a Part 141 Air Agency Certificate. This ensures high quality preparation for successful aviators around the globe. We have graduated tens of thousands of flight students since 1999. The majority of our graduates are now flying for commercial airlines, and the others enjoy recreational flying. Whatever your dreams are when it comes to flying, we can help you achieve them!

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