Colombian Pilot Program

Colombian flight students in Epic's Colombian Pilot Program
Epic Flight Academy welcomes many flight students from Colombia who are following their dreams to become commercial airline pilots. Our flight school prepares you to become a commercial pilot in approximately 8 months on average.

Are you from Colombia and interested in becoming an airline pilot?

We have designed Epic Flight Academy’s Colombian Pilot Program to train pilots under the Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia. Due to our structured flight training, we take you from zero experience to a successful career as an airline pilot. Our program supports students who speak English as a second language. The aviation industry requires the ability to read, write, and speak English proficiently for most employees and all pilots. Therefore, our flight school students have access to English tutoring to develop Aviation English skills during Ground School training.

How many Colombian students has Epic trained?

Maria Mendivelso First Officer Avianca Airlines trained in Epic's Colombian Pilot Program.
Maria Támara Mendivelso, Epic Professional Pilot, Airbus A320 First Officer, Avianca Airlines

Epic has trained thousands of international students from 80+ countries for jobs in aviation. This includes many from Colombia. We provide a complete pilot program for Colombian students to reach their dream airline job. For example, Epic graduate Maria Támara Mendivelso flies for Avianca Airlines. Most importantly, the demand for airline pilots is at an all-time high. Therefore, aspiring aviators are seeking the most cost-effective and time-efficient program to receive flight training and begin their airline pilot careers.

What are the requirements to begin the Colombian Pilot Program?

  • First, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Also, you must have a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Next, students must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate.
  • Most importantly, you must be proficient in English.
  • Additionally, you must hold a valid passport with at least 6 months before expiration.
  • Furthermore, will need to apply for and receive an M1 visa.
  • Finally, you must be available to be a full-time student 5 days per week.

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What is the cost of the program?

Airline Pilot Program – International Students

Zero Experience to Airline Pilot
Total Course Tuition $69,917.00 USD

Starting with Instrument Course
Total Course Tuition $41,095.00 USD

Starting with Commercial Course
Total Course Tuition $24,042.50 USD

Can I transfer to your flight school?

If you have already logged flight training hours, we can accept you as a transfer student regardless of how much training you have had.

What are the hiring requirements for airline pilots in Colombia?

Depending on the airline, they may require additional hours of time building. Generally, Colombian airlines require a total minimum of 250 hours. Therefore, our students typically need an additional *110 hours time building if they finish their commercial training within the estimated 140 hours.

*Pilot-In-Command Time Building: 110 Hours

View Pilot Hiring Requirements for these Colombian Airlines:

Below are links for hiring requirements for top airlines in Colombia. Note: These requirements are subject to change at the discretion of the airline. Therefore, refer to the airline directly for the latest information. 

What is the CAA Colombian Pilot Conversion process?

Once Colombian students complete their FAA pilot training at Epic, they will need to officially convert their licenses to Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia. Therefore, for the FAA CPL Conversion Aeronauticos Civil, you must follow these steps:

At Epic Flight Academy:

  • First, reach a minimum 150 flight hours.
  • Second, log 70 hours as PIC.
  • Next, log 20 hours cross country, 1 of which must be 300nm or greater with two landings.
  • Also, log 10 hours Dual instrument training.
  • Finally, log 5 hours night with 5 take offs and landings.

Once back in Colombia:

  • First, complete your medical exam.
  • Next, undergo a ground review including:
    • 2 hours Aircraft Engine
    • 2 hours Aerodynamics
    • 4 hours Radio Communication
    • 6 hours Navigation
    • 4 hours Regulations
    • 2 hours Meteorology
    • 4 hours Simulator Training
  • Also, you’ll have 1 simulator check-ride.
  • Additionally, you must take 2 hours flight training.
  • Lastly, you’ll have 1 flight with an Inspector.

How much do pilots earn in Colombia?

Pilots’ wages vary based on factors such as experience and type ratings. For instance, in 2017, Avianca gave a substantial pay increase to its captains and first officers. They agreed to this pay increase to get their pilots’ salaries more in line with other airlines in the region. Avianca pilots had been earning approximately $6,000 USD per month compared to other airlines that were averaging approximately $11,500 USD monthly. In Colombia, pilots are paid in Colombian pesos (COP), not U.S. dollars. One COP is equal to .00029 USD. The average pilot in Colombia earns 49.833.259 COP per year. Most importantly, pilots who earn at the top of the scale have 8+ years of experience. They are paid approximately 62.238.937 COP. Compare this to a less experienced pilot (1 to 3 years) who earns 34.758.131 (COP). Learn more about pilot salaries. Most importantly, research before deciding which airline is best for you.

Relocation & Transportation Assistance

We understand that selecting and applying to a flight school, and arranging travel and housing, if necessary, can be very stressful. However, our pilot training facility assists you in arranging each detail, As a result, your transition here is simple and easy. Also, you can visit our Student Life section for more information on our student amenities, transportation, events, and activities. You can also check out this feature on some of our Colombian students.

What else should I know about Epic’s Colombian Pilot Program?

Transferable FAA Pilot Programs

Epic’s flight training courses are the leading United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Professional Pilot courses. All Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), including the Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia. ACC recognizes FAA-issued certificates. FAA approved flight courses are the key to pilot career opportunities. This is because they require English proficiency and successful completion of an ICAO Level 4 English language endorsement. Most importantly, airlines that fly routes between countries with different native languages require you to speak English.

Virtual Online Flight Academy

Epic Flight Academy provides important resources for its international flight students. For instance, our Online Virtual Flight Academy lets you connect with your FAA Flight Instructor and classmates before you arrive here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Likewise, the online, interactive pilot training course helps you develop aviation skills and build a knowledge base of aviation terms. Above all, you have an advantage when you begin attending Epic’s Ground School. For example, we share training videos on Cessna 172s, aircraft systems, aircraft performance, FAA regulations, and the New Smyrna Beach Airport. Colombian Pilot Program students can start their training from home. Also, you can try our free Demo Online Course.

Aviation Skill Development (ASD) and Private Pilot Ground School

Epic is the only flight school to offer this unique ASD course. For example, during this phase of flight training, ground school students will build on the information they gained from the Virtual Flight Academy. Additionally, they start flight simulator training. In other words, the purpose of ASD is to familiarize students with the Cessna 172 and the New Smyrna Beach Airport. Most importantly, ASD increases students’ safety and awareness.

What if I have other questions?

You can view the most Frequently Asked Questions for international students. Also, you can also post questions and comments in our Pilot Forum. Most importantly, we are here to help and look forward to answering your questions. You are welcome to contact us anytime!

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