Colombian Flight Students

Colombian Flight Students at Epic Flight Academy

Epic's international flight students come from Colombia and more than 80 other countries

We are proud of our international students from 80+countries who have trained at Epic Flight Academy since 1999. Here we spotlight three of our best flight students from our Colombian Pilot Program. These young men did not know each other in Colombia. However, each one traveled here to live while studying at Epic to become a commercial pilot. No matter what country our students come from, they will meet other students from their home country who are also training to become commercial pilots. One of the nicest things we see is how students collaborate and help each other. They do this no matter what country they come from. Here at Epic, everyone is family!

Meet Colombia Flight Student Diego Villalobos

Colombia flight student Diego Villalobos after passing his checkride
Diego is congratulated by his wife after passing his check-ride!

Diego came here in September 2017 from Cartagena, Colombia with his wife Johanna and began his flight training right away. He worked on his English while studying in ground school and in a very short time took his first solo flight. Diego focused intently on his studies and passed his Private Pilot License (PPL) FAA check-ride on May 3, 2018, so his next step will be earning his IFR endorsement. All of his instructors describe him as hardworking with a positive attitude. These are two qualities that make an excellent pilot. And although Diego’s wife Joanna does not attend Epic, she is well loved by students and staff who have tasted her good cooking! We love the joy and positivity Diego brings to his flight instruction every day. (Update: Diego completed his training and returned to Colombia to fly for the airlines!)

Meet Colombia Flight Student Juan Acevedo

Colombia flight student Juan Acevedo
Juan completed Ground School!

Juan started classes at Epic on October 31, 2017 – his 18th birthday! He is from Medellin, Colombia and studied aviation topics for a few months before arriving here. He said the two easiest topics for him are meteorology and aerodynamics. Juan practices his English with other flight students and his roommate, who is from Egypt. He is able to understand and communicate with ATC and has already passed his written FAA exam. Juan enjoys working with the other students at Epic and likes how everyone helps each other to succeed. He is always quick to help someone study, share information and knowledge, and lend a helping hand. Juan has made many new friends at Epic, and we are sure they will be lifelong friends with his cheerful personality, great sense of humor, and helpful nature! (Update! Juan earned his PPL in Nov. 2018!)

Meet Colombia Flight Student Alvaro Reyes

Colombia flight student Alvaro Reyes
Alvaro worked as an aviation mechanic before starting flight school!

Alvaro is from Bogotá, Colombia where he trained and worked as an A&P (airframe & powerplant) mechanic. He has wanted to become a pilot since he was a child. Alvaro arrived at Epic at the age of 22 and jumped right into Ground School and English classes. He is a very fast learner and exited his English tutoring early. One of his tips for improving English: watch movies online using English captions. He has a daughter in Colombia and is working hard to become a commercial pilot so he can return home to be with his family. Alvaro is generous with his time and knowledge and frequently helps other students when they need assistance. He is always ready to lend a hand. Alvaro is extremely focused on his flying and well liked and respected by all who know him! (Update: Alvaro completed his commercial pilot training in Feb. 2020!)

Student Life

We know it’s a big step to leave your country and travel to the U.S. to attend flight school. Therefore, we do all we can to make sure our student pilots have good experiences both in flight school and while living here. Student life is important to us, and we help our students every step of the way from the admissions process to completing their training program. However, even with all we do, it is really our STUDENTS who deserve the credit as you can see by “meeting” Diego, Juan, and Alvaro in this article. They are truly dedicated, and we acknowledge their dreams, passion, and hard work. Their friends and family in Colombia should feel very proud of them. We know they will be excellent commercial pilots someday, and any airline that hires them will be glad they did!

Colombia flight students studying together
Juan and Diego studying together in the computer lab

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