Welcome to Epic! Our Recruitment and Admissions Teams are committed to guiding students through flight school enrollment, outlining each step of the process, and offering individualized training advice that will result in a gratifying and adventurous professional pilot career. Whether students have previous aviation training or are starting from zero experience, Epic Flight Academy offers personalized advisement to ensure that each student receives safe, cost-effective, and time-efficient professional pilot training that meets their career goals.

To ensure that we continuously provide high-quality flight training, including individual support and ample training resources, our classes are limited to a maximum number of enrolled students. Our flight school is a top choice for students from around the world, which means we often have a wait-list. Students on the wait-list must provide Arrival Documentation in the most timely manner possible, as classes are first come first serve.

Student Arrival Documentation

U.S. Students Admissions differs from International Students Admissions, as there are different government policies for FAA flight training based on where students are from. For more information on enrollment requirements and our admissions process, contact our Admissions Team.

U.S. Flight Students

  • $145 U.S. Application Fee
  • Deposit Half of Your First Course
  • Epic Virtual Flight Academy Enrollment
  • Class Start Date Assignment

International Flight Students

  • $745 International Application Fee
  • Epic Virtual Flight Academy Enrollment
  • Successfully Obtain Student Visa (Remember to prepare well for your visa interview.)
  • Class Start Date Assignment & Arrival Details

Aircraft Mechanic Program

Our Recruitment and Admissions Teams can also help you enroll in our Aircraft Mechanic Program. Requirements include:

  • Be 18 years old either prior to starting the program OR by completion of the program.
  • Pass an entry level exam online.
  • Complete an interview with Epic personnel. (We are screening for determination, ability, and reliability.)