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10 Tips for US Visa Interview

We want you to be as well prepared as you can possibly be for your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in your home country. Whether you are applying for an F-1 or J-1 visa, the interview process is very important. Please take a moment to read through our guide so you can have the best possible experience when the time comes for your visa interview.

Tip 1: Speak English

Plan for your interview to be conducted in English. If your native language is not English, now is a good time to improve your English.

Tip 2: Dress Professionally

Be sure you are neatly groomed. This includes your hair, facial hair, etc. Wear a suit or business attire if possible. In short, look your absolute best. Do not wear fragrances or smoke before your interview. Interviews may be conducted in a small space, and you want to avoid smells that could offend the interviewer, especially if he or she has allergies.

Tip 3: Arrive Early

There will be interviews before and after yours, so you need to be prompt. Study the location and prepare to arrive early, even if it means waiting nearby in a coffee shop. Arrive for your scheduled interview 10 to 15 minutes early. Allow time for parking if you drive and finding the correct room in the building.

Tip 4: Arrive Alone

Do not bring any friends or family with you. Speak on your own behalf. It will reflect badly on your interview if you attempt to bring other people with you.

Tip 5: Bring Copies

Be prepared by bringing copies of every piece of paperwork you carry with you in case your interviewer would like a copy. Keep them in a nice folder. Bring any paperwork you think will help your chances of being granted a visa. It is better to arrive overly prepared.

Tip 6: Behave Appropriately

Your demeanor should be polite but not overly friendly. Shake hands if appropriate, make eye contact while speaking, sit upright, and briefly make a concise case to your interviewer for each point you are asked about. Never argue with your interviewer about anything. Always maintain a positive attitude. Do not make jokes or act inappropriately.

Tip 7: Know the Epic Flight Training Program

Be prepared to explain the Epic Flight Academy flight training program you are coming to study in the U.S. Be ready to describe why you want to come to the United States to complete your training. You should know the details of your program and be able to report that Epic has successfully trained thousands of students who are now airline pilots.

Tip 8: Describe Ties to Home

The interviewer is going to want to know what reasons you have to return to home. Is it because of family, a spouse, an inheritance, etc.? Be prepared to outline the reasons you want to train in the U.S. but also the reasons you want to return home. You will likely be asked about job opportunities at home that apply to your training. Be prepared to address that, such as which airlines you want to work for in your country.

Tip 9: Describe Dependents at Home

If you are leaving behind a spouse and/or children, you will be asked to address their financial security while you are gone. Be prepared to describe how they will support themselves in your absence.

Tip 10: Prepare for a Visa Denial

If you are denied your visa at the interview, graciously thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Ask what action or documentation you could provide in your next interview to help improve your chances. Always maintain a positive attitude. Reflect on the interview. Identify any areas of the process you did not perform well in, work to improve them, and schedule another interview as soon as you have improved or corrected any problem areas. 

We wish you all the best as you prepare for your visa interview. Stay calm and positive, answer all questions honestly, and you should have a good experience!

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