Familiarization with our ATP Flight Program

About Epic Flight Academy and its ATP program
Epic Flight Academy ATP Flight Program – New Smyrna Beach, Florida

What is an ATP Flight Program?

An ATP flight program trains pilots for the highest level in their aviation careers, the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). The ATP certificate gives them Air Carrier privileges, meaning they can be hired by an airline operating in the United States to carry passengers or cargo. Basic qualifications required for an ATP flight student include:

  • Commercial Pilot license with multi-engine privileges
  • 1,500 total logged hours
  • 500 cross country (XC) hours
  • 100 hours of night flight
  • 75 hours of instrument time
  • 23 years of age

What should I know about Epic Flight Academy?

Epic Flight Academy has been operating at the New Smyrna Beach Airport in New Smyrna Beach, Florida since 1999. New Smyrna Beach is located on Florida’s east coast, just an hour from Orlando. We have trained thousands of ATP pilots from the U.S. and dozens of other countries. Although some of our students become recreational pilots, most pursue training to become commercial airline pilots, and we are proud of the 100% hire rate of our commercial pilots. We employee more than 130 employees who are experts in their respective fields to provide the highest quality instruction and excellent customer service. Our fleet of new generation aircraft and flight simulators ensure that you learn to fly under the most optimal circumstances. And our year-round sunny weather is more than just a bonus! Our courses accelerate you through Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Multi Engine Pilot courses in 6-8 months. We can then guide you down the right path to build your 1500 hours. Many pilots then choose to become Certified Flight Instructors (CFI). This allows them to log hours while earning money, a win-win situation. Before you know it, you will be taking your ATP checkride and applying to airlines for your dream career as an airline pilot.

About Our ATP Flight Program

Our goal is to welcome every pilot as a valued member of the Epic Family on their journey to become an ATP pilot at our flight school. We wish everyone could visit us in person for a familiarization tour of our facility, but we realize that isn’t possible for everyone. So, we have shared some resources here to introduce you to our campus – everything from learning about our incredible students’ achievements to virtual tours to frequently asked questions. We want you to know everything about us before you enroll. Choosing a flight school is serious business, and we want you to feel confident when choosing Epic!

What questions should I be asking?

When learning about an ATP flight program, you want to prioritize all of your concerns and questions. For instance, location is important. Learning to fly in Florida offers tremendous advantages because of the climate. However, there are other issues, from paperwork to cost, and we understand your concerns. We have 24/7 live chat available with Epic staff to answer any specific questions you may have. We also post all tuition costs on our pilot program pages so you have this critical information from the outset. Enrollment will be different for U.S. student pilots and international student pilots who fly under different Civil Aviation Authorities, so we’ve provided as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.

Joining the Epic Flight Academy Family

We look forward to helping you learn more about Epic Flight Academy’s ATP course to see if this is the right flight school for you. Contact us now for more information!

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