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October Specials!

Pilot Training Specials:

Domestic Professional Pilot Special:

Free Private Pilot Ground School – To qualify for this special, you must be a new full-time flight student available a minimum of 6 days per week.

International Professional Pilot Special:

Free Private Pilot Ground School and $5,000 Training Credit – To qualify, you must be a new full-time flight student available a minimum of 6 days per week.

Transfer Student Special:

Transfer students receive a $2,500 discount when enrolling in October. We invite you to see how Epic can help you complete your training safely, quickly, and affordably.

Mechanic Training Specials:

Aircraft Mechanic Students:

All newly enrolling aircraft mechanic students are eligible to apply for a $5,000 scholarship. Once you complete your prequalification enrollment form, your recruiter will let you know how to apply for this scholarship.

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Student Testimonials About Epic’s PPL Course

Olivia Martin

Epic Flight Student Olivia Martin

From Olivia Martin: “On my first day at Epic, I experienced the full-motion sim. Walking into it I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m only a month and a half into training and I’ve already completed my Private Pilot end of course, so I’d say it helped me tremendously. The motion sim allowed me to get a realistic feel of the Cessna 172 before I even stepped foot on the ramp, and my first flight out I was able to perform all of my maneuvers with instructor guidance. I soloed at only 9.8 hours and am preparing for my check ride at just under 40 hours. If you get the chance to use the motion sim, I would one hundred percent recommend trying it, not only to get the experience but to further your flight training while saving money.”

Steve Ramroop

Steve Ramroop and Judy Rice
Flight student Steve Ramroop (right) with Epic ground school instructor Captain Judy Rice

From Steve Ramroop: “My experience with the Frasca full-motion simulator has been an excellent one. By properly utilizing this flight training tool, I was able to accomplish my first solo faster and obtain my Private Pilot License within the suggested time and close to the suggested budget. I look forward to continuing my training with its help.”

Brendan Miller

Pilot Brendan Miller
Brendan Miller is pictured in the foreground.

From Brendan Miller: “The Epic sim program helped me immensely through the first stages of becoming a Private Pilot. I came in with little to no experience. The sim, along with Epic’s world class instructors, helped me develop the necessary skillset and foundation to begin my flight training. With its impressive realism akin to the cockpit of an actual Cessna 172S, as well as the realistic motion, the transition to flying the real plane was a breeze. As one of the first people to successfully complete the sim program and receive my Private Pilot License, I can say without a doubt, if you are thinking about becoming a pilot, this is the way to do it.”

Pulkit Mathur

Pilot Pulkit Mathur

From Pulkit Mather: “The full-motion simulator has been an extremely helpful tool in my Private Pilot training. It allowed me to solo at 11 hours and get my Private Pilot’s license at 43 hours! Flying in the simulator is absolutely lifelike. I can feel everything the plane is doing thanks to its full-motion capabilities. It is also very cost effective.”