Mike Thompson - Staff

Mike Thompson
Position: Flight Instructor Course Leader
Joined: June 2017

After receiving his CFI in 1979, Mike worked as a CFI and charter pilot. In 1980, Mike joined U.S. Coast Guard aviation where he qualified as an aircrew member for both fixed-wing and helicopter and spent his off duty time flight instructing. After 8 years of active duty, Mike taught airframe and power plant mechanics for the Wisconsin Technical College System, taught flying at the neighboring FBO, and completed a Master’s degree in education.

Having worked as an A&P mechanic teacher for 8 years and holding a Master’s degree in education, Mike advanced to work as an instructional design consultant. As an instructional designer, Mike developed technical curriculum for colleges, universities, businesses, and industry in the U.S. and abroad. These 8 years of consulting experience led to working as a college administrator where he advanced from director to Associate Dean and finally to Dean. Mike’s entire career has centered on aviation and education.

Mike authored Telling Is Not Teaching: The Flight Instructor’s Handbook, which brings his years of experience as a flight instructor, mechanic, instructional designer, and college dean to the flight line. This breakthrough book for the flight instructor, or any teacher, promotes the idea that the “new school” of teaching that embraces electronic technology cannot sacrifice the “old school” of human relationships because the human brain stills learns in largely the same way that it has for millennia.

Whether you are new to teaching and flight instruction, or are a veteran teacher or experienced flight instructor, you’ll appreciate Mike’s personal style. You will be working with an instructor who has wide experience in education and will be a valuable guide as you develop in your role as a teacher. Mike’s unique background in education and aviation bring you an instructor of extraordinary capability.

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