How do I convert my foreign pilot license?

Convert Foreign Pilot License

Many international students who have already had earned a pilot license in their respective countries before transferring to Epic to continue their training as a commercial pilot. These students need to complete a Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License and Medical Certification Form as required by the FAA in order to continue training at Epic.

Regardless of the amount of training received outside of the U.S., students may only convert to the maximum of FAA Private Pilot. The foreign license verification process can take up to 90 days, so students need to plan ahead, be proactive, and submit the proper documentation before they arrive at Epic.

Note: If you have any restrictions on your license, please let Admissions know immediately, prior to beginning the license conversion process.

Submit Verification Form & Foreign Documents to FAA

1) Complete FAA Form 8060-71(Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License and Medical Certification Form)

2) Make enlarged copy of Private Pilot License

3) Make enlarged copy of Medical Certificate

4) Send Form & Documents to FAA

5) Create an account with IACRA and submit there

Confirm Verification Request with Your Civil Aviation Authority

Call your Country’s Civil Aviation Authority to make sure the request has been received and processed. If your country does not respond to the FAA’s request for verification, the FAA will resend the request every 30 days up to 4 times. If the verification is not completed, the request will be cancelled.

Receive Letter of Authenticity & Obtain FAA Medical Certificate

If approved, the student will receive the Letter of Authenticity from the FAA that authorizes them to get the temporary certificate. The student must then pass a medical examination that qualifies them to receive their FAA Medical Certificate once they arrive here in the U.S.

Arrive at Epic & Complete IACRA Enrollment

  • Register on IACRA using the exact name listed of the Letter of Authenticity, which should match your passport. Note: If your foreign medical is expired, or the name listed on the Letter of Authenticity does not match your passport, DO NOT use IACRA. You will need to use ACRA, which is a program on the hard drive located in Epic’s examiner test room.
  • Complete all 6 steps on IACRA
  • On Step 6, “Solo” means Sole occupant of aircraft, and “PIC” means solo plus all other PIC time.

Receive U.S. Pilot Certificate

Students may pick up the temporary certificate at no charge at the Orlando MCO FSDO. Alternatively, students may also meet with Phyllis to schedule an approved Designated Examiner (DE) to come directly to school and create the temporary certificate ($150.00 dollar fee, cash only). Regardless of their choice, students must present the following documents:

  • IACRA Enrollment
  • FAA Verification Letter of Authenticity
  • 2 copies of Passport
  • 2 copies of Foreign Pilot License
  • 2 copies of FAA Medical Certificate
  • Pilot Logbook

***NOTE: The Letter of Authenticity is only valid for 6 months. If the student has to stay longer than 6 months, they must re-apply 2 months before it expires. Many students forget this information and are unable to take their checkride because their Letter of Authenticity has expired. If it becomes necessary to re-apply for the Letter of Authenticity, the same process must be repeated, however we find that it is quicker the second time around.

To contact the FAA Airmen Certification Information & Assistance directly for Verification Status, students may call: +1405-954-3261. Feel free to reach out to our Epic Admissions Team if you have any questions!

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