Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 8 | August 2019

Epic Newsletter August 2019

Catch up on the latest happenings at Epic Flight Academy! Volume 2, Issue 8                                                                   August 2019 Scholarship Recipient Ryan Groel Earns CPL Ryan Groel (left), pictured with FAA Examiner Steven Clegg, was an Epic scholarship recipient in 2017. Just 7 weeks after graduating high school, Ryan passed his CPL checkride. Read about Ryan’s flight training here. MORE EPIC NEWS… -Epic was featured in the news for its expansion of operations during its 20th year of operations. -Epic CFI Alex Orr has been nominated for NCAA Woman of the … Read more

Thunderstorm Flexibility

Flying in thunderstorms

Captain Judy’s Corner: Flexibility is the Key to Safety in a Thunderstorm Thunderstorm flexibility is essential for all pilots. The Citation was at FL370 (37000’) when I saw a thunderstorm building in the distance. I was amazed to watch and feel this energy from a far distance. The cumulonimbus clouds were building higher than the jet’s altitude. The lightning brightened the darkening sky. Are thunderstorms really all that dangerous? Thunderstorms are part of summer weather in Florida, and most pilots here know to respect them. Thunderstorms are one of nature’s most powerful forces and a weather hazard that are dangerous for all pilots. Flying too close to these powerful beasts can end in disaster. Pilots must understand thunderstorms and all … Read more

Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 7 | July 2019

Epic Buzz Newsletter July 2019

Epic Moves DC-7 to Prepare for New Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School Epic recently relocated its decommissioned DC-7 to make way for expansion. We are breaking ground for our new Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School, which will open in the spring of 2020 if everything continues on schedule. What a great way to celebrate our 20 years in operation! We invite you to join our Epic Flight Academy online PILOT FORUM to discuss pilot topics, ask questions, and get to know each other. The forum is a great place to start your pilot career! Epic Alumni News We were thrilled to hear from Epic graduate Ahmed Mohammed (above) who is now flying for Azman Air! Congratulations, Ahmed! We were also happy to hear that Steven Okolovitch (bottom … Read more


Go-Around Maneuver

Captain Judy’s Corner: Go-Arounds? That is the question! To Go-Around or not to Go-Around, that is the question. However, there are some questions pilots should ask themselves before making this decision much sooner than the final approach. Safe pilots should ask themselves, “Is the landing checklist complete?” and “Is the approach stabilized?” A good, safe landing begins before entering the airport environment with continued evaluation throughout the entire phase of landing. What are some examples of go-around situations? One go-around I recall, after having completed the appropriate landing checklists and while on a stabilized approach, was when a sudden gust of wind lifted my airplane into the air over the runway threshold. This destabilized my approach so the decision was … Read more

Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 6 | June 2019

Epic Buzz Newsletter June 2019

Catch up on the latest happenings at Epic Flight Academy! Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                    June 2019 Epic Hosts Pilot Career Seminars Epic recently hosted a Pilot Career Seminar with Piedmont Airlines and has several more seminars planned with PSA Airlines on June 6th, Trans States Airlines on June 27th, and ExpressJet Airlines on July 18th. We regularly host Pilot Career Seminars so our students and CFIs can learn about career opportunities. See all events online. We invite you to join our Epic Flight Academy online PILOT FORUM to discuss pilot topics, … Read more

Density Altitude

Density Altitude Article

Captain Judy’s Corner: Density Altitude After all, airplanes don’t feel. Or, do they? How does hot, humid air affect flying? The cockpit felt like a sauna in the Arizona heat. Not only was I enduring the summer heat, but so was the airplane. How might an airplane suffer from heat? After all, airplanes do not feel? Or do they? Flying on a cool Florida morning or evening, you will notice ample runway remaining before lift-off and how eager the airplane climbs. Fly on a hot, muggy afternoon, and the runway remaining before lift-off will be far less. The airplane would climb much slower, as well. Temperature, pressure, and moisture (dewpoint) in the air affects our airplanes’ performance: an increase required … Read more

Epic Buzz | Vol. 2 Issue 5 | May 2019

Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 5

Catch up on the latest happenings at Epic Flight Academy! Volume 2, Issue 5                                                                    May 2019 Air Wisconsin Visits Epic Representatives from Air Wisconsin Airlines visited Epic Flight Academy on April 18th to discuss hiring opportunities. Pilot Recruiter Enrique answered questions about joining the Air Wisconsin team. New hire First Officers are eligible for up to $57,000 in bonuses and enjoy some of the best benefits in the regional industry. Air Wisconsin also has part-time positions for pilots still building hours that might be right for you! Epic maintains a close … Read more

Ready for Attitude Flying?

Avoid Hazardous Attitudes

Captain Judy’s Corner: Avoid Hazardous Flying Attitudes Is it important to verify checkpoints? Hazardous flying attitudes can occur at any time. I knew myself fairly well when I started flying lessons at age 40. Or so I thought. The long solo cross-country was when I discovered what I did not know. During that flight, I had not properly timed or verified checkpoints resulting in becoming completely off-course. My drive home from this particular flight provided reflection on how to be a better pilot. I’d replayed each skill set. I flew the airplane well and used the checklist regularly but was consistently lost. What surprised me was how many times I said to myself, “That check point is only slightly off … Read more

Epic Buzz | Vol. 2 Issue 4 | April 2019

Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 4

Catch up on the latest happenings at Epic Flight Academy! Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                    April 2019 Student Success Spotlight Both from Korea, Jin Ho Choi (L) and Cheolhong Lee (R), became friends during their pilot training here at Epic. These hard working flight students have just completed their Commercial Pilot training, and they have some good advice for new students wanting to complete their training as quickly as possible: “Fly backseat on each other’s flights as much as possible to maximize learning opportunities!” That’s great advice! Flying backseat gives you … Read more

Aeromedical Part 2: Hypoxia

Hypoxia Captain Judy Rice

Captain Judy Rice and Navigator Fred by their Cirrus SR22T during the National Tour Captain Judy’s Corner: Aeromedical Part 2 – Hypoxia “Are my lips blue…?” Hypoxia aeromedical awareness matters. The Cirrus SR22T effortlessly reached the altitude of 8,500 MSL. The turbocharged airplane had a built-in oxygen system for higher altitudes. The maximum altitudes along our 3-month national tour would not exceed 10,000 MSL. It seemed unlikely we would be using the Cirrus oxygen system according to oxygen requirements when flying 12,500 MSL for over 30 minutes as stated in FAR 91.211. We had reached our crossing altitude before approaching the Arizona mountain ridges. I focused on clearing the ridges with ample altitude if encountering turbulence. We were safely on … Read more