Epic Buzz Vol. 4 Issue 9 | September 2021

Volume 4, Issue 9 | September 2021

Safety Award Presented

Congratulations to our Colonel Anthony Perna Safety Award winner, Andrew Leonard. In honor of Colonel Anthony Perna, this award recognizes an individual whose dedication to safety is truly exceptional. Andrew prioritizes safety in his role as a dispatcher at Epic. Pilots have probably noticed Andrew’s attention to detail when checking weight and balance before every flight. Andrew contributes tremendously to the safety culture by promoting and utilizing our internal safety reporting system. Thank you for your efforts, Andrew! The Colonel Anthony Perna Safety Award is given on a quarterly basis and all departments are eligible. If you know someone that should be recognized, please reach out to a Safety Officer with nominations.

September Specials

We have September Specials for domestic, international, and transfer flight students and an opportunity for aircraft mechanic students:

*To qualify, you must be a new full-time student available a minimum of 6 days per week.

Aircraft Mechanic Students Visit Piper Aircraft, Inc.

Our Aircraft Mechanic Program is a hands-on program, and our students recently took a field trip to visit our friends at Piper Aircraft, Inc. Not only did they learn a lot about aviation maintenance and hiring opportunities at Piper, they each received a Piper t-shirt!

In just 14 to 18 months, you can start a new career as an aviation maintenance technician. Aircraft mechanics have never been in greater demand. If you’re ready for a rewarding new career, let us know!

Epic Staff News

In August, Epic welcomed 11 new staff members: library assistant Mason Smallwood, Olivia Martin in dispatch, and flight instructors Luke Mayo, Mario Filardi, Ilker Caki, Alvin Soriano, Jihad Fathallla, Zachory Gower, Eungjun Kim, Jordan Weinstein, and Alejandro Rodriguez. The Epic Team continues to grow with talented staff!

Join Us for Online Training Demos

You’re invited! Join our instructors for a free Ground School class. Our highly qualified flight instructors are offering a free online training demo: September 15th. Register now!

Captain Judy’s Corner: Guest Article

Captain Judy’s Corner will be back next month! In the meantime, we are happy to share this guest article by Embry-Riddle graduate student Cilia Salam. Cilia spent her summer internship at Epic and shares a warm remembrance.

Endeavor Air Career Seminar

You’re invited! Join us at Epic to meet with representatives from Endeavor Air for this pilot and aircraft mechanic career seminar. This is your career path to Delta Air Lines!

Check Rides

David Hansen Passed Checkride
David Hansen (right) passed his Instrument Rating checkride on his first attempt in August.

Congratulations to these Epic Flight Academy students who passed check rides on their first attempt in August! We salute you!

Private Pilot   

Lauren Michelle Faberlle
Edilberto Raul Santos Cruz
Santiao Antonio Bernabe Sibayan
Kristopher Scott Adams
Gary Clayton Woodward III
Matthew David Gorenstein
Nicholas Jake Vandiver

Instrument Rating   

Minh Quan Nguyen
Auwwal Muhammad Muhammad
John Alexander Mason
Evan Michael Nave
David William Hansen
Hunter Matthew Ambros Larkin
Elvis Eduardo Santana

Commercial Single-Engine

Harrison Merica Lutz
Matthew Wheeler Rippy
Denzel Manyara Atwell Mukusha
Kevin Johnathan Crivaro
Andre Marcel Kakou
Michael Alexander Brooks
Jonathan Del Valle Rivera

Commercial Multi-Engine

Sergio Armando Ramirez Bejarano
Bradley Michael Wilkinson
Jun Ha
Jonathan Luke Mayo
Chase William Byrnes
Jean Luis Garcia

Certified Flight Instructor

Linnea Jade Hull
Ranvir Israni
Lester Hayden Dewalt
Ronak J Tanna
Connor Jack Kelly
Zachary Michael Friedrichs
Blake Morgan Nicolia 
Tyler Joseph Prenesti

Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument

Mario Robert Filardi
Zachory De Leon Gower
Thomas Kevin Bean
Emily Alexis Dial
Youbin Moon

Multi-Engine Instructor 

Nicholas Connor Hemenway

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