International Pilot Pathway

International Pilot Pathway

Our flight school, located in sunny New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA has been the top choice for students from over 80 countries since 1999. Prioritizing safety and minimizing of course completion time and cost, Epic Flight Academy provides an unparalleled Professional Pilot Pathway, allowing students to go from zero flight training experience to a Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot in as little as 6 – 8 months. Whether you are have no exposure to pilot training, or are transferring from another training facility with existing flight hours, Epic Flight Academy offers qualified students world-renowned Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) certified flight training in a new-generation aircraft fleet, preparing them for a successful, rewarding aviation career.

Boeing has forecasted a global need for 637,000 new commercial airline pilots by 2036 to supply the incredible demand for additional aircraft & travel routes.

Due to the massive worldwide pilot shortage, airlines are looking for students that completed their commercial pilot license training at a flight school that prepared them for the fast-paced and advanced technical learning environment. Learn how to become an airline pilot at our flight school and take advantage of the wealth of commercial pilot jobs available in the coming years.

International Pilot Graduate’s – Epic Flight Academy

Pilot Training in the United States

For our international students considering their choices of taking flying lessons in their own country or here in the United States, we encourage you to carefully consider the following:

  • FAA pilot’s licenses are internationally recognized for the quality, safety, and structure of the required training, and they are considered to be the top-quality flight programs.
  • FAA pilot’s licenses are accepted across the world, opening up career opportunities across the globe due to the high standards for safety, professionalism, and knowledge.
  • Students that complete flight training in the US receive an English proficiency endorsement from the FAA on their pilot’s license, which is required for pilots flying international routes where the native language differs.

Flight training in the United States is extremely beneficial to aspiring professional pilots, and our flight academy’s innovative flight education and technologically-advanced aviation resources sets us apart among other pilot training facilities. Learn more about Why you Should Choose Epic!

The International Professional Pilot Pathway program is an accelerated Part 141 flight training package intended for students that are consistently able to fly full-time, a minimum of 5 days per week, and 5 hours per day, without any gaps in training.

International Professional Pilot Pathway Track

  • Private Pilot License Course
  • Instrument Pilot Rating Course
  • Commercial Pilot License Course
  • Fulfill Civil Aviation Authority requirements for your country (if applicable)
  • Hired as Commercial Airline Pilot in Home Country

Please Note: In order to thrive in our FAA pilot training courses, students must be at proficient at English. If you are concerned about your level of English proficiency, our Admissions Team can guide you in the right direction to make sure you are prepared for successful, cost-effective, and time-saving flight training.

Learn to fly as you prepare for your successful career as a commercial airline pilot! Students from all over the world choose Epic Flight Academy for pilot training and to pursue their aviation career dreams. We are proud to have our thousands of Epic Professional Pilot graduates thriving in their aviation careers with more than 300 airlines worldwide.

A Few of our Affiliate Schools & Sponsors:

  • Command Pilot Training ~ United Kingdom
  • Cranfield Aviation Training School ~ United Kingdom
  • President University ~ Indonesia
  • IFARHU ~ Panama
  • PNG Ministry of Education ~ Papua New Guinea
  • UAE Ministry of Education ~ United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar Ministry of Education ~ Qatar
  • Uganda Ministry of Education ~ Uganda
  • Bahamian Ministry of Education ~ Bahamas
  • Stella Aviation ~ Netherlands
  • Vietnam Airlines ~ Vietnam
  • Jet Airways ~ Kazakhstan
  • Mongolian Airlines ~ Mongolia
  • Azul ~ Brazil

Dual EASA + FAA Licensing with ATPL Training: Few flight schools located in the United States have been granted by the CAA the approval to offer EASA with ATPL training. With our excellent partnerships with Command Pilot Training and Cranfield Aviation Training School located in the UK, we offer a full course for students seeking dual licensure. EASA with ATPL Frozen licensure is necessary in order to work in countries located in the European Union and preferred by a few airlines in surrounding areas (European Economic Area & Middle East). The estimated total Dual EASA + FAA Professional Pilot Course training time is 12-14 months, and students will gain the minimum 200 total flight hours, including at least 100 Pilot in Command (PIC) hours.

India DGCA Commercial Pilot Course: The Civil Aviation Authority of India, the DGCA, has very specific requirements concerning the type of aircraft students fly during Commercial flight training. At Epic Flight Academy we’ve created full Epic training courses in an aircraft that meets the standards, and we have appropriately allocated necessary flight hours in each. The estimated total DGCA Professional Pilot Course training time is 8-12 months, and students will gain the minimum 250 total flight hours.

For more information on how to join our International Professional Pilot Pathway program and elite network of Epic graduates, contact our Admissions Team. Classes fill up quickly, so don’t delay in submitting your application!

US Permanent Residents or Green Card Holders that intend to work for an airline in the US are eligible for our US Professional Pilot Pathway, which includes a paid Flight Instructor position at our flight school.