Pilot Training

Pilot Training

Our flight school offers both individual pilot courses and full professional pilot flight training programs, which take students from zero experience to a licensed commercial pilot. Whether you are looking to earn a Private Pilot Certificate for recreational use, or you are working towards an airline career job, Epic Flight Academy pilot training is designed to fit individualized needs and necessary requirements for Civil Aviation authorities worldwide.

Professional Pilot Training Programs

Students can choose to enroll in one of our professional pilot pathway programs, providing them an accelerated part 141 flight training package for their Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and Commercial License. Our pilot training school full professional pilot programs are intended for students that are able to fly full-time, a minimum of 5 days per week, and 5 hours per day, with no gaps in training in order to complete quickly and efficiently.

FAA Pilot Pathway: Aspiring professional pilots gain training experience and ratings, building flight time through flight instruction, fully preparing them to enter the airlines under United States Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

International Pilot Pathway: Aspiring international professional pilots gain training experience and ratings accepted by all Civil Aviation authorities, meeting minimum equivalent licensing requirements to be validated as a commercial pilot, with the exception of countries in the European Union.

EASA + FAA with ATPL Course: Aspiring professional pilots intending to pursue a pilot career for an airline operating in any of the European Union countries complete both EASA and FAA courses to be validated as a Commercial pilot.

Alternatively, students can select individual courses under part 61 instruction which allows a more flexible schedule for those that require scheduling accommodations due to other commitments, such as employment or university education.

Individual Pilot Training Courses

Regardless of which pilot training track students select, all of our flight school courses are approved by the FAA in compliance with our part 141 Air Agency Certificate, ensuring high quality preparation for successful aviators across the globe.