Airline Pilot Training School Information

Cloud ripping pilot training epic flightAll paths of pilot training offered can meet the necessary requirements of your Civil Aviation Authority. We can always customize a course by adding to your pilot training if you feel the need to have additional training before applying for your career job.

There are two paths to choose from when selecting how to accomplish the necessary pilot training system to become a Commercial pilot. At Epic Flight Academy you can choose to enroll in one of our full course options that includes accelerated part 141 training as a package to complete your Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, and Commercial License. Our pilot training schools full course options are meant for students that want to fly full time, a minimum of 5 days per week, 5 hours per day with no gaps in training so as to complete you quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, you can choose our individual courses instructed as part 61 which allows a more customized schedule for those looking into airline pilot training as a second career option or for students also attending University that require flexible scheduling options.

  1. Full Course Pilot Training: Depending on what country you wish to obtain employment should be an important part of your decision process for your pilot training path. Based on the descriptions below click on the link to find out more about our full course options and pricing:
    • FAA Commercial Course – accepted worldwide by all Civil Aviation authorities as meeting the minimum equivalent licensing requirements to be validated as a Commercial pilot, except countries in the European Union.
    • EASA + FAA with ATPL Course – necessary for pilots who want to work for an airline operating in any of the European Union countries. A student must complete both EASA and FAA courses to meet minimum equivalent licensing requirements to be validated as a Commercial pilot in European Union countries.
  2. Individual Pilot Training Courses: This structure of our pilot training system is to provide our customers with scheduling flexibility. Epic Flight Academy understands that you might have other priorities in life but we don’t want you to miss out on the dream and enjoyment of flying! These individual courses do not lack any of the training you would receive in our full courses. For the student that wants to take it step by step we encourage you to view the links below to learn more about our airline pilot school individual pilot training cost options.
    • FAA Private Pilot Training
    • FAA Instrument Pilot Training
    • FAA Commercial Multi Engine Pilot Training
    • FAA Flight Instructor Training

Epic Flight Academy’s pilot training cost and course outline includes all the necessary minimum hour requirements approved by the FAA in compliance with our part 141 Air Agency Certificate.

Entry Level Pilot Training Schools

For international or domestic students trying to decide on a flight school, Epic Flight Academy is the only commercial airline pilot school that has designed an entry level course (Airline Skills Development) with our student’s needs and safety in mind, of course, as our top priority. This course was designed to allow you to begin and evaluate your flight training with the use of advanced simulators to develop your skills on the ground and to gain the confidence of controlling the aircraft and communicating with ATC before you actually begin flight in the aircraft. The use of advanced simulation in pilot training furthermore greatly reduces costs if it’s necessary for the student to repeat activities in order to become proficient.

airline pilot training graduate EddyTrustworthy Airline Pilot School
Our flight academy stands on its own merit. Thousands of new flyers trusted Epic Flight Academy and obtained their license to fly. Look at so many of our past happy graduates’ airline pilot training accomplishments!

Epic Flight Academy was voted the number one Cessna Pilot Center and is a frequent award winner.

We have state of the art equipment and an exceptional staff waiting to help you achieve your career goals! Give our courteous, certified and knowledgeable staff the opportunity to guide you one of the greatest experiences of your life. Our guarantee is that upon successful completion of your pilot training you will graduate with the highest quality of piloting skills and be a top performer in the airline Commercial pilot industry. We have graduated over 6,000 students from over 70 different countries and they will tell you the pilot training system at Epic Flight Academy prepared them for the real world of an airline pilot career.

Our philosophy is one of a kind, as we have your best interest in mind at all times. We are the leader in our business and truly take care of each and every one of our students.

Friendly Learning Environment
Students constantly complement us on our congeniality, hospitality, friendliness and helpfulness. Our students and flight instructors would welcome a fantastic new addition like yourself to our flight academy. Come and make lots of friends, learn from the best pilot training instruction, and be on your way to starting your new career. If you’re unsure or feeling a little nervous please contact our Admissions Department to schedule a personal tour of our flight academy. Bring all of those that are supporting you in this decision to visit the school, talk with our airline pilot school staff, discuss payment options and how best to budget for your pilot training cost, and enjoy a discovery flight for free to view our beautiful city and your future pilot training location.

Commercial Airline Pilot Training School Location

Pursue your flight training at a location with the most conducive weather to flight, sunny central Florida! Join Epic, the only flight academy on the runways of New Smyrna Beach Municipal airport (KEVB). Pilot training schools can be more than an education.  It is a lifestyle, fun, a place to find lifelong friends, inspiration and even a career move. Make the right choice and become one of our elite graduates!

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