Boeing 767-300F

Boeing 767-300F Aircraft

General Information

Manufacturer: Boeing

Role: Wide-body jetliner

First flight: June 1995

Primary airlines: All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, FedEx Express, LANTAM Chile, UPS Airlines 

Passenger seating: Crew and cargo, no passengers

Models: 767-300, 767-300ER, 767-300BCF


  • General Electric CF6-800C2B7F series engines
  • Honeywell EFIS-700 electronic flight information system
  • Upsized maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), range, and fuel capacity

Interior Diagram

Boeing B767-300F

Fun Facts

  • Boeing launched the 767 freighter in January 1993.
  • The first 767 freighter entered service in October 1995 with the Atlanta-based United Parcel Service.
  • A durable aluminum alloy and composite structure helps make the 767-300F lighter and more fuel efficient than competing freighters.
  • The Boeing 767-300F cargo compartment is equipped with a cooling and air heating system that is suitable for transporting perishable goods and livestock.
  • Maximum fuel capacity is 23,980 U.S. gallons (90,770 L).The 767-300F is unable to carry ordinary Unit Load Devices. 
  • It has to use specially designed air freight containers and pallets due to its unique 15 ft. 6 in. width fuselage. 

Type Rating

Pilots must earn their type rating in the Boeing 767-300F to be qualified to fly this aircraft. In most cases, the airline you fly for will get you type-rated.

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