Hiring Requirements for All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Type of airline: International Passenger

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Hubs: Tokyo–Narita, Tokyo–Haneda; Secondary hubs: Osaka–Kansai, Osaka–Itami; and Focus cities: Nagoya–Chubu Centrair, and Sapporo with 97 destinations.

Origin: The company was founded in 1952.

Values: To live up to our motto of “Trustworthy, Heartwarming, Energetic!”:

  • Safety – We always hold safety as out utmost priority, because it is the foundation of our business.
  • Customer Orientation – We create the highest possible value for our customers by viewing our actions from their perspective.
  • Social Responsibility – We are committed to contributing to a better, more sustainable society with honesty and integrity.
  • Team Spirit – We respect diversity of our colleagues worldwide and come together as one team by engaging in direct, sincere and honest dialogue.
  • Endeavor – We endeavor to take on any challenge in the global market through bold initiative and innovative spirit.

Hiring Requirements:

  • Total Flight Experience in excess of 3,000 hours
  • Commercial Jet Experience in excess of 500 hours
  • The following experience is required:
    • 250 hrs. PIC -or-
    • 250 hrs., of which 70 hrs. are PIC and remaining experience is PICUS/P1 Under Supervision (PUS) -or-
    • 500 hrs. PICUS/P1 Under Supervision
    • 100 hrs. PIC or PICUS Cross Country
    • 200 hrs. Cross Country
    • 100 hrs. Night Flight
    • 75 hrs. Instrument Flight
  • Valid ICAO Member State ATPL
  • ICAO Level 4 English
  • ICAO Valid Jet Aircraft Command Rating -or-
  • ICAO Jet Aircraft Type Rating with a Command Instrument Rating
  • Valid ICAO Member State Class 1 Medical Certificate

Note: Those holding ICAO ATPL and Instrument Ratings with expiration dates, must keep license and ratings valid 6 months beyond class commencement.

Homepage: ANA

Although we have tried to provide the most useful and accurate information here regarding hiring requirements for commercial airlines, we encourage you to confirm these requirements for yourself.

Our flight school provides the training you need to get started for a career with All Nippon Airways. Wishing you a great career as a commercial airline pilot and hoping you land your dream job!