Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 10 | Oct. 2019

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Volume 2, Issue 10                                                                   October 2019

Scholarship Awards: Saturday, October 26th

Our 4th Annual Epic Flight Academy Aviation Scholarship event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 26, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. New Smyrna Beach Mayor Russ Owen will present a $20,000 scholarship and a $5,000 scholarship to our winners. This scholarship is open to U.S. high school juniors and seniors who have until Oct. 11 to apply. There will also be a special $2,500 scholarship presented to a current Epic student.

Join us for fun, food, raffle items, and even a silent auction featuring an 8-day cruise for two aboard the American Queen, the only overnight paddlewheel steamboat on the Mississippi River!


Anglers are invited to join our fishing tournament on Oct. 25 to support the aviation scholarship: Red Tails for Red Tails! Trophies and guaranteed payouts, plus an additional Calcutta!

Air Wisconsin visited us on Sept. 11th for a pilot career seminar. We love welcoming airlines to Epic!

Epic recruiters Stephanie Babian and Haley Konfrst represented Epic at Atlantic High School’s College & Career Expo on Sept. 18th!

Just for fun… our Director of Education, Dr. Cindy Lovell, made an historic discovery on July 26th that was covered in major media outlets last month. She found Sam Clemens’s signature in the Mark Twain Cave. (“Mark Twain” was Clemens’s pen name.) Scholars authenticated the signature, believed to have been written around1853.

Sam Clemens Signature in Mark Twain Cave
Dr. Cindy Lovell, director of education at Epic, discovered Samuel Clemens’s (Mark Twain) signature inside the Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, Missouri on July 26, 2019. Photo by Priscilla Houliston

We invite you to join our Epic Flight Academy online PILOT FORUM to discuss pilot topics, ask questions, and get to know each other. The forum is a great place to start your pilot career!

Epic Alumni News

Congratulations to Ando Ramambasoa (pictured above) who is now a First Officer with Trans Ocean Airways. Congratulations also go to Dwayne Quick, an Epic grad who was recently promoted to Captain at Omni Air International. We also had good news from Mhayyar Alnabhany who is now a First Officer for Precision Air! One of our current students, Rodrigo Luizaga Espada was featured in the news in his home country of Bolivia for his aviation accomplishments. Epic students are simply THE BEST! Send your news to Katie Dean, our Social Media Manager, to keep us up to date on your achievements! #EpicFlightAcademy

Epic Employee News

We are happy to welcome new staff to the Epic family, including CFI Madison Petrie (pictured), CFI David Noah, and CFI Megha Patel. Congratulations also go to former Epic CFI Clifford Villanueva who has been offered the position of First Officer at Envoy Air!

Captain Judy’s Corner:

Captain Judy Rice

“What’s in a name?”

It’s hurricane season, so be prepared…

“Hurricanes are one of nature’s most powerful and destructive weather phenonena…” 

Read the latest article by Captain Judy Rice, Epic Flight Academy Ground School Instructor. She discusses hurricanes and hurricane preparedness.



Congratulations to all of our spectacular Epic Flight Academy students who passed checkrides on their first attempt in September!

Private Pilot

None this month

Instrument Rating

Faisal Ali M Alhamdan
Yifan Li
Quang Dang Pham
Adil Deniz Ozkan
Hamdan Mubarak Mohammed Jahjeer Alblooshi
Hazzaa Salem Mohammad Salem Alkaabi
Kuan Hung Yeh
Ahreum Han
Ying Kit Joses Chan

Commercial Single-Engine

Brock Keegan Vowels
Bradley Michael Wilkinson
Sangcheol Kim

Commercial Multi-Engine

Joao Vitor Camacho Sinato
Seunghoon Han
Ali Khaleel Ismael Bajelan
Javier Felipe Godoy Restrepo

Certified Flight Instructor

Dung Thi My Le
Joseph Thomas Sefcik III
Joseph Vincent Mecca
Gabriel Garek Areia
Casey Mac Nelan
Colin Scally

Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument

David Fernando Sandoval Gutierrez
Sergio Armando Ramirez Bejarano
Taylor Jo Rutkowski

Multi-Engine Instructor

Caroline Elizabeth Colombo
Christopher Louis Mautino


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