Boeing 737-MAX 8

Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

General Information

Manufacturer: Boeing

Role: Narrow-body twin-engine jet airliner 

First flight: January 29, 2016

Primary airlines: American Airlines, Ryanair, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines 

Passenger seating: 178-210

Models: 737-MAX 7, 737-MAX 9


  • CFM LEAP 1-B turbofan engines
  • Advanced AT Winglet provides improved fuel efficiency
  • Cabin improvements to both form and function with innovative Boeing Sky Interior

Fun Facts

  • The 737 MAX is a fourth-generation successor to the Boeing 737 NG (Next Generation) line of aircraft.
  • The very first 737 was unveiled more than 50 years ago, on Jan. 17, 1967.
  • The 737 MAX 8 has a maximum range of 3,550 nautical miles (6,570 km / 4,082 miles).  For reference, the distance from Los Angeles International Airport to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport is 2,146 nautical miles (3,974 km / 2,469 miles).
  • It is 40 percent quieter than the Boeing 737-800 series and creates about 85 dBa of noise on takeoff.

Type Rating

Pilots must earn their type rating in the Boeing 737-MAX 8 to be qualified to fly this aircraft. In most cases, the airline you fly for will get you type-rated.

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