Airbus A320: Overview, Features & Specs

Airbus A320 Information

General Information

Manufacturer: Airbus

Role: Single-aisle jet liner

First flight: February 22, 1987

Primary airlines: American Airlines, easyJet, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines

Passenger seating: 150-180

Models: A320-100, A320-200


  • International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 series high bypass turbo fan engines
  • Glass Cockpit
  • Upgraded and redesigned configurations
  • Upgraded and redesigned interior configurations

Interior Diagram

Airbus A320 Interior

Fun Facts

  • Airbus was the world’s largest airliner manufacturer in 2019 with a total of 863 planes delivered.
  • First airliner to introduce the fly-by-wire flight control system with the Airbus A320.
  • All Airbus cockpits are the same allowing pilots to switch from one type of Airbus aircraft to another.
  • One A320 takes off or lands somewhere every two seconds.
  • The largest operator of the A320, American Airlines, has over 390 planes in its fleet.
  • The 2016 film, Sully: Miracle on the Hudson, featured an Airbus A320 aircraft.  The movie was based on the true story of the emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York of US Airways Flight 1549 which was struck by a flock of geese and disabled both engines.

Type Rating

Pilots must earn their type rating in the Airbus A320 to be qualified to fly this aircraft. In most cases, the airline you fly for will get you type-rated.

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