Thunderstorm Flexibility

Flying in thunderstorms

Captain Judy’s Corner: Flexibility is the Key to Safety in a Thunderstorm Thunderstorm flexibility is essential for all pilots. The Citation was at FL370 (37000’) when I saw a thunderstorm building in the distance. I was amazed to watch and feel this energy from a far distance. The cumulonimbus clouds were building higher than the jet’s altitude. The lightning brightened the darkening sky. Are thunderstorms really all that dangerous? Every student pilot dreads the thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are part of summer weather in Florida, and most pilots here know to respect them. Thunderstorms are one of nature’s most powerful forces and a weather hazard that are dangerous for all pilots. Flying too close to these powerful beasts can end in disaster. … Read more

Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 7 | July 2019

Epic Buzz Newsletter July 2019

Epic Moves DC-7 to Prepare for New Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School Epic recently relocated its decommissioned DC-7 to make way for expansion. We are breaking ground for our new Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School, which will open in the spring of 2020 if everything continues on schedule. What a great way to celebrate our 20 years in operation! We invite you to join our Epic Flight Academy online PILOT FORUM to discuss pilot topics, ask questions, and get to know each other. The forum is a great place to start your pilot career! Epic Alumni News We were thrilled to hear from Epic graduate Ahmed Mohammed (above) who is now flying for Azman Air! Congratulations, Ahmed! We were also happy to hear that Steven Okolovitch (bottom … Read more

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