Go-Around Maneuver

Captain Judy’s Corner: Go-Arounds? That is the question! To Go-Around or not to Go-Around, that is the question. However, there are some questions pilots should ask themselves before making this decision much sooner than the final approach. Safe pilots should ask themselves, “Is the landing checklist complete?” and “Is the approach stabilized?” A good, safe landing begins before entering the airport environment with continued evaluation throughout the entire phase of landing. What are some examples of go-around situations? One go-around I recall, after having completed the appropriate landing checklists and while on a stabilized approach, was when a sudden gust of wind lifted my airplane into the air over the runway threshold. This destabilized my approach so the decision was … Read more

Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 6 | June 2019

Epic Buzz Newsletter June 2019

Catch up on the latest happenings at Epic Flight Academy! Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                    June 2019 Epic Hosts Pilot Career Seminars Epic recently hosted a Pilot Career Seminar with Piedmont Airlines and has several more seminars planned with PSA Airlines on June 6th, Trans States Airlines on June 27th, and ExpressJet Airlines on July 18th. We regularly host Pilot Career Seminars so our students and CFIs can learn about career opportunities. See all events online. We invite you to join our Epic Flight Academy online PILOT FORUM to discuss pilot topics, … Read more

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