Phyllis Cunniffe - Staff

Phyllis Cunniffe
Position: Student and Staff Advocate
Joined: April 2005

Phyllis Cunniffe worked in Human Resources for more than 35 years and has held positions in the transportation and aviation industry in South & Central Florida. She earned her BA and MS from Barry University in Miami. When Phyllis first began at Epic Flight Academy in 2005, she worked in HR as well as Student Services, forming many wonderful friendships with students and parents from across the globe. She enjoys keeping in touch with them and never tires of hearing how their training at Epic helped them reach their aviation goals. She enjoys visits from former students and former employees who reminisce of their great memories while at Epic. Phyllis loves being a part of this great flight school and working with a very talented and caring Epic team. Her passion includes her family, Italian food, reading and the beach.

As Student and Staff Advocate, Phyllis is available to help Epic’s students and employees find solutions to any issues that arise.

“There is a kind of principle of the sky, a spirit of flight that calls to certain among mankind as the wilderness calls to some, and the sea to others”. -Richard Bach

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