Density Altitude

Density Altitude Article

Captain Judy’s Corner: Density Altitude After all, airplanes don’t feel. Or, do they? How does hot, humid air affect flying? The cockpit felt like a sauna in the Arizona heat. Not only was I enduring the summer heat, but so was the airplane. How might an airplane suffer from heat? After all, airplanes do not feel? Or do they? Flying on a cool Florida morning or evening, you will notice ample runway remaining before lift-off and how eager the airplane climbs. Fly on a hot, muggy afternoon, and the runway remaining before lift-off will be far less. The airplane would climb much slower, as well. Temperature, pressure, and moisture (dewpoint) in the air affects our airplanes’ performance: an increase required … Read more

Epic Buzz | Vol. 2 Issue 5 | May 2019

Epic Buzz Vol. 2 Issue 5

Catch up on the latest happenings at Epic Flight Academy! Volume 2, Issue 5                                                                    May 2019 Air Wisconsin Visits Epic Representatives from Air Wisconsin Airlines visited Epic Flight Academy on April 18th to discuss hiring opportunities. Pilot Recruiter Enrique answered questions about joining the Air Wisconsin team. New hire First Officers are eligible for up to $57,000 in bonuses and enjoy some of the best benefits in the regional industry. Air Wisconsin also has part-time positions for pilots still building hours that might be right for you! Epic maintains a close … Read more

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