Kassandra Batt - Staff

Kassandra Batt
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: April 2023

Kassy Batt is from Greenville, South Carolina. Her father was a C-130 pilot in the Air Force, and this is where she found her love of aviation. With her love of aviation and travel she decided to pursue a career in aviation starting at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2018. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science and earned her Private Pilot through Commerical Multi-Engine ratings at Embry-Riddle. Kassy then pursued CFI and CFII at Epic and fell in love with the company. She loves to read and go to the beach in her free time. Kassy is very excited to give the opportunity for new pilots to chase their dreams and pursue an aviation career.

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