Ryan Groel - Staff

Ryan Groel
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: April 2023

Ryan is originally from Denver, Colorado, where he grew up skiing in the mountains and playing in the outdoors. Ryan had always known that he belonged in the sky. Most of his family has a background in aviation, with his grandfather who built his own aircraft to fly, another grandfather who flew for the U.S. Air Force and a major U.S. airline, as well as his mother training pilots for a major U.S. airline and a father who is a captain at a major U.S. airline. Ryan and his family moved to the New Smyrna Beach area in 2014, where he quickly became accustomed to the beach lifestyle. As soon as Ryan was old enough, he worked on the beach as a lifeguard in Daytona Beach, where he found one of his passions of helping others and enjoyed the fast-paced lifestyle of rescuing people in emergency situations. With countless water rescues under his belt, Ryan also earned his EMT license where he can help people receive a higher level of care.

After moving to the New Smyrna Beach area, he was only a twenty-minute drive from his dream school, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Ryan attended ERAU and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics, with studies in Business, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and Aviation Safety, graduating in 2022. Ryan was a scholarship recipient of Epic Flight Academy’s Aviation Scholarship and had completed most of his pilots licenses before attending college, achieving his Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi Add-On all at Epic Flight Academy. Ryan is excited to continue to be part of Epic Flight Academy as an instructor!

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