Cansu Cildir - Staff

Cansu Cildir
Position: CFII Course Leader
Joined: April 2023

Cansu “Su” Cildir was born in Turkey, a country known for its wonderful scenery and rich culture. Growing up in a family whose love for aviation was everything, she saw the world through this lens. Seeing her father and uncle in their pilot uniforms sparked the love of aviation in her when she was a child. Both her father and uncle are Captains for Turkish Airlines flying wide body aircraft – the A350 & B787.

Following their lead, Su and her brother decided to become pilots too. Her brother joined Epic Flight Academy in 2012, and now he’s an A330 airline pilot. Following in the same footsteps as her father, uncle, and brother, Su can’t wait to see what her future as a pilot will bring as shares her love of flying with others as a flight instructor.

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