Bombardier DCH-8-400

Bombardier DCH-8-400 Aircraft

General Information

Manufacturer: Bombardier

Role: Regional turbo prop airliner

First flight: June 20, 1983

Primary airlines: Horizon Air, Jazz, Qantas Link, WestJet Encore 

Passenger seating: 68

Models: DHC-8-401, DHC-8-402, Q400


  • Pratt and Whitney Canada PW150A turboprop engines
  • ANVS Noise suppression system
  • Upgraded and redesigned interior configurations

Fun Facts

  • The DHC-8-400 is commonly known as the Dash 8 and commercially known as the Q400.
  • The Dash 8 is the most productive turboprop on the market.
  • The Q400 is capable of flying at jet like speeds (415 mph), with turboprop fuel efficiency.
  • The Dash 8 was the first regional turboprop aircraft to perform revenue generating flights using biofuels derived from plant-based biomass (vegetable-based oils).
  • DHC-8-400 is one of the quietest turboprop aircraft both inside the cabin and outside.
  • The Q400 only offers a 2×2 seating option, therefore, there are not any dreaded middle seats. 

Type Rating

Pilots must earn their type rating in the Bombardier DCH-8-400 to be qualified to fly this aircraft. In most cases, the airline you fly for will get you type-rated.

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