Boeing 747-400F

Boeing 747-400F Aircraft

General Information

Manufacturer: Boeing

Role: Wide-body jet airliner

First flight: May 4, 1993

Primary airlines: Atlas Air, Cargolux, China Airlines, Kalitta Air, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Polar Air Cargo 

Passenger seating: Crew and cargo, no passengers

Models: 747-400, 747-400M, 747-400D


  • Pratt & Whitney PW4056, General Electric CF6-80C2B1F or Rolls-Royce RB211-524G/H turbo-fan engines
  • Glass cockpit
  • Triple ring laser gyro inertial reference systems
  • Large nose cargo door

Fun Facts

  • The 747-400F is an all freight version of the 747-400.
  • The 747 family of freighters make up two-thirds of the world’s wide body freighter fleet.
  • It holds a maximum gross payload of 128.5 metric tons (283,294 lbs.).
  • The 747-400F flight control system automatically manages all phases of the flight except take-off.
  • There are four main fuel tanks in the wings, a tail plane tank, a center wing tank, and reserve fuel tanks in the outer wing sections.
  • The maximum fuel capacity is 216,846 L (57,284 gal.).

Type Rating

Pilots must earn their type rating in the Boeing 747-400F to be qualified to fly this aircraft. In most cases, the airline you fly for will get you type-rated.

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