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    I would like to know more about the fleet at hand, the graduation rate, how often does a full time student fly, where is the ground school curriculum coming from, as well as flight instructor information if I were to become one there.


    Hello Flightgirl,

    Here are the answers to your questions respectively.

    1. We have Cessna 172s, equipped with the G1000 glass cockpit and twin-engine Piper Seminoles/PA-44. https://epicflightacademy.com/epic-fleet/

    2. We used to have 100% pass rate… But the regular rate is around 80-90%. https://epicflightacademy.com/media-100-percent-pass-rate/

    3. There are mandatory ground school classes that vary by course and those take place at various times Monday-Friday. For the flight training portion as a full-time student, you would be scheduled at least twice a day, five days per week. Flight training can take place Monday-Sunday depending on the days your instructor works. Our flight schedule is built daily and posted for students for the following day.

    4. We are located at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA. We also have another location in Ocala and Tallahassee, Florida.

    5. We don’t guarantee a job. We can only guarantee a job interview for CFI position but not guarantee being hired immediately. You will go the same process with normal applicant for CFI job. Everything follows an HR process.

    Thank you for using our forum!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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