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 Commercial Airlines Jobs

Commercial Airlines Jobs

What is stopping you from a career in aviation? Are you worried about the availability of job prospects with a commercial airline or concerned about salary? With the current pilot shortage, this is one career with built-in job security and excellent pay. For example, captains flying for the major airlines earn as much as $300,000+ annually. The pay is great, and the job is secure. So, flying as a commercial pilot offers a unique opportunity to broaden your cultural and professional horizons. The rewards to this career of a lifetime far outweigh the challenges. The supply and demand for Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) has never been so great, with the demand far outweighing the supply.

Why is there a pilot shortage?

There has never been a better time to pursue a career with the airlines. For example, several major factors have impacted commercial aviation. This has led to the current pilot shortage:

  • Expansions by major airlines due to the public demand for more flights
  • Mandatory retirement at age 65
  • Fewer pilots in training programs
  • Increased requirements in logged hours

These factors have airlines scrambling to hire qualified pilots to meet the growing demands of the flying public.

Flying for Airlines in the U.S.

In the United States, there is unprecedented hiring for airline jobs. A U.S. carrier puts its new pilots on a probation period for the first year. This means that your first year salary will not necessarily be six figures, but this is the normal hiring procedure. Furthermore, this includes some important on the job training. Some flight schools are even partnering with domestic and international airlines to increase seniority during pilot training. After the first few years flying with a commercial airline, you’ll really appreciate the rewards. For example, you can choose your own schedule, and you will have logged a lot of hours. Also, you’ll have proven yourself as a valued employee, and you’ll have enjoyed such perks as free family travel and excellent pay. Training for a U.S. airlines job can take less than a year. However, U.S. pilots typically begin their careers as Certified Flight Instructors in order to log hours required by domestic carriers.

International Airlines Hiring Low Time Pilots with High Pay

Internationally, airlines offer countless opportunities for pilot jobs. International airlines hiring has far exceeded U.S. carriers. Additionally, most are offering larger incentives to pilots. Salaries of $200,000 to $300,000+ are not uncommon in China with the growing demand for air travel in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Airlines offer such large salaries because of the pilot shortage. The shortage impacts all countries, and it is expected to continue. “Low time” pilots (those who have logged fewer hours) are drawn to fly for international airlines. This is because the required logged hours varies from country to country. The U.S. has the highest requirement with 1,500 hours. Other countries requires as few as 200 hours. The training time is typically less than one year.

How to Have the Best Jobs in Airlines

If you are considering a job in the airlines, you have picked the best time in aviation history to begin flight training.  There are unlimited opportunities and prospects for new and experienced pilots. Airlines are growing desperate to hire qualified pilots. The pilot shortage for commercial and ATP rated pilots is real, and you can take full advantage since training can typically be completed in less than one year. If you have hesitated because of concerns about pay, benefits, or difficulty of obtaining an airline job, stop worrying, and start working towards your airline career today.

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  1. I am from India. I want to become a pilot. Now am studying 11th standard. Can I join in pilot academy after 12 th standard or I should do any undergraduate courses. Also tell me your how can I join your academy to become a pilot

    • Of course! Let me get all the necessary information about you in order to give you specific details about your training needs and available options. Please fill out our quick contact form so we have all the info we need to provide you with discounts on pricing, student visa processing, and class start date availability. Here is the link to the form: and I will make sure one of our Admissions Representatives contact you asap to answer your questions.

  2. I am from India. I want to become pilot. I have planned to obtain my professional flight training in USA by 2018 . Now I am doing Engineering degree in India. As an Indian what is chance of getting job in America itself. I like to work in America. Also I like know that there is any possibility of getting hired in your Academy itself as CFI. I don’t mind about low salary. Also please tell me about ur course fees.

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