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International flight students and aircraft mechanic students must have an M1 visa, which costs $350. Once you have ensured you are eligible to train at Epic, you will submit your visa processing fee. This covers your SEVIS I-901 government fee, I-20 processing, incoming student package, and English Assessment. Remember to prepare well for your visa interview.
  • SEVIS fee is $350 for the I-20
  • Once you pay the SEVIS fee, you will receive your I-20. Next, you go the U.S. Embassy. Our Admissions Team will assist in scheduling your M-1 Student Visa interview with the U.S. Embassy nearest you. Prior to the interview, our team will go over what to expect, suggested attire, required documentation, and additional interview techniques for successful issuance of your visa.
  • Your I-20 is valid for 12 months, so you will complete an extension once you are nearing 12 months in your training. Since the program takes approximately 19 months, you will be approved for a total of 20 months.
  • After you complete your training, you have 30 days before you must leave

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