How much does it cost to go to aircraft mechanic school?

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The tuition for Epic Flight Academy’s aircraft mechanic program is $25,000 ($5,000 per class). This is an affordable tuition considering the salary potential for aircraft mechanics. At Epic, you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience. Additional costs: $145 application once you are approved; $300 for books; $800 for tools, which you will keep; 3 FAA exams at $175 each; final FAA oral and practical exam at $1,050. Total cost is $27,820. You can also apply for a $5,000 scholarship from Epic when you enroll.

The first semester’s payment is due prior to the start of your first class. After that, you will be invoiced one week prior to the first day of class during subsequent semesters. These payments are due upon receipt. Furthermore, financing is available through student loans. We also offer an annual scholarship for our aircraft mechanic program for a high school senior. Most importantly, you will have the potential to earn a generous aircraft mechanic salary that will quickly offset your initial investment.

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