Do I need to speak English to start the Private Pilot Program?

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Yes, you must speak English proficiently to being the Private Pilot Program. The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), the world’s organization overseeing aviation, require all pilots flying under their organizations to have attained ICAO “Level 4” English ability. This means all pilots must speak, read, write, and understand English fluently. Students attending Epic or any other flight school will be reading aviation books and manuals, participating in classroom discussions, communicating with Air Traffic Control (ATC), and learning very technical vocabulary in English. Without a good base of English (at least ICAO Level 3), students will experience costly delays in their training. Without a solid foundation in English, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars more due to repeating ground school classes. When FAA Examiners test you for a checkride, they will be listening carefully to be sure you have no trouble communicating with ATC. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to take every step possible to improve and strengthen your English skills prior to attending flight school. To help you prepare, we have shared tips and resources for learning English. The better your English is, the easier and more affordable your training will be.

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