Tanya Catalo - Staff

Tanya Catalo
Position: Bursar/Student Accounting
Joined: May 2012

Tanya Catalo was born in Miami, FL and later moved to New Smyrna Beach. She began educating herself in the field of business at age 14 through a Cooperative Business Education program that was offered at New Smyrna Beach High School, a program that took highly motivated students and educated them in the field of business, giving them the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to help them succeed.

After high school,Tanya graduated magna cum laude from Daytona State College with a degree in Business Management and a minor in accounting. She worked for many years within her family business helping it to become successful and well established. After feeling accomplished in this she was able to seek out other areas of interest. She became passionate about helping students and young adults succeed after high school. She was able to touch the lives of these students through the game of volleyball as she served as the coach at New Smyrna Beach High School for several years. While coaching she spoke many times with a parent who worked for Epic and spoke highly about the Academy and his love for aviation.

Finally, Tanya decided that this was another way she could help young adults follow their own passion and succeed in life. She had to be a part of it, so in May of 2012, she made the move and began her career with Epic Flight Academy as the dispatch and parts manager. Her dedication, attention to detail, and exceptional background in accounting was quickly realized and within one short year she was promoted to the accounting department where she works in all areas from payroll to student accounting.

Tanya enjoys interacting with students and learning about the diverse cultures here at Epic. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help ensure the success of Epic in any way. Most of all she loves doing anything she can to help students achieve all their dreams and goals for the future.

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