Kym Wilner - Staff

Kym Wilner
Position: Contract Specialist
Joined: October 2020

Kym Wilner was born in Denver, CO and has spent most of her life moving. After living on both coasts and a few states in the middle, Kym and her husband recently settled in Florida (the 10th state she’s lived in) to enjoy the sun and sea air. Kym has a Bachelor’s degree from Western Connecticut State University in Theatre Arts and a Master’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Marketing and Management. Kym has spent most of her career reading, writing, amending, and managing contracts. Her early career was at Timex Corporation in trademark licensing and continued at GE for 10 years in trademark licensing and program management. Most recently, Kym spent 7 years working for The New York Times in contract management supporting a global sales team in licensing NYT content to other newspapers and publications around the world. She looks forward to learning more about the aviation industry here at Epic. When not working on contracts, Kym enjoys golf, tennis, traveling, and being a foodie with her husband.

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