Dana McGowen - Staff

Dana McGowen
Position: Dispatcher
Joined: April 2023

Growing up in a small town in Alabama, Dana was always filled with a sense of adventure. She went to university where she studied Marketing and at that time was not really aware that there would be some huge changes in her future. Almost immediately after graduating, she was asked to go to Hong Kong to be a teacher and that is where her true love of aviation and traveling started to bloom. She would travel to a new country for every vacation she had and fell in love with airplanes.

She was on her 8th year in Hong Kong when she realized that she was ready for a career change. Her friends and family were so supportive of her decision, which only fueled her desire to change her career. She moved back to the United States in April of 2022 and started at Epic in August of 2022. She has already earned her PPL and is so excited to see where her love of aviation and sense of adventure will take her next.

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