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    What is the academic requirement?
    how much is the all up fees fot the training and period.


    Hello Skippy,

    To become a trained airline pilot at Epic Flight Academy in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA you must:
    1) Be at least 17 years of age
    2) Speak English proficiently
    3) International students must have a valid passport (Passport information: https://epicflightacademy.com/passports/) or two other forms of identification if you are from the USA
    4) Completed high school or secondary education (Grades don’t matter, only that you completed school.)

    Our Airline Pilot Program for international students takes you through all the training necessary to become a professional pilot under FAA standards. For international students, tuition is $65,260.00, and it takes approximately 7 months to complete the training. https://epicflightacademy.com/international-pilot-pathway/

    To see if you qualify for this training, kindly complete this pre qualification form: https://epicflightacademy.com/prequalification-enrollment/

    Thank you for using our forum!


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