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    Fathima Khan

    I m Fathima Khan. I m from Bangladesh. I want to become a pilot not bcz it is my dream but bcz it is an honourable job. I want to know if I take student loan how am I going to repay it? Will it effect on my studies? Can i do a part time job to earn some for covering my expenses?


    Hi Fathima,

    It’s always amazing to see women in aviation. Unfortunately, scholarships and financing are not available for international students at this time. But we do have a section with suggestions to help you secure funding for attending Epic Flight Academy. Please check here: https://epicflightacademy.com/flight-school-financing-international/

    Best of luck!


    Wow, how ambitious you are! I wish you to become the best pilot in Bangladesh!


    You have come to the right place. Epic Flight Academy welcomes international students! If you wish to apply, kindly use our live chat service so we can assist you immediately. Thank you very much!


    No one will prohibit you from working part-time if you manage to combine this work with your studies as a future pilot in the future. You could find a part-time job that you could do sitting at home and then go to school. Studying to become an airplane pilot is a very responsible thing to do. Of course, you can take out a loan for that. I hope the work you do together with your job will pay off well, and you will be able to pay for the loan you took to pay your tuition fees. I wish you success as a pilot and to become a respected pilot.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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