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    Pamodou Darboe

    How will I get the job


    Many Epic students from outside of the US will return to their home country to seek employment once they have completed their pilot training at Epic Flight Academy.

    Every airline has its own set of hiring requirements, and we encourage our students to review a particular airline’s hiring requirements before applying for a First Officer or Captain position.

    Here is an article on hiring requirements for airlines around the world:


    The following question has arisen: Is it possible to get a job without an ID card? What are the options for those without ID and how can it affect the employment process? Share your knowledge and experience, I would be grateful for any information!


    How familiar this situation is to me. I recently lost my id and by the law of dumb luck at the same time I was getting a new job. My employer was very kind to me and hired me while I was recovering my id. However, I was still worried that something might go wrong and started looking for information on how to get a job with no id legally. This article helped me to realize that it is possible. So I stopped panicking and calmed down. Read it, maybe this information will help you too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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