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    Hello Admin,

    I`m 33 years old, a husband and a new father. I want to train with Epic flight Academy. Can I come with my wife and son?

    will I be granted a visa to come as a family?

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    Obtaining an M-2 visa for your dependents is a relatively fast and easy process once your M-1 student visa has been issued. It involves verifying the status of the M-1 holder and their relationship to you. To bring your dependents on an M-2 visa, they must prove that they are the dependent spouse or child under the age of 21 years and prove their intention to enter the US temporarily.

    Adults are permitted to study in a vocational school, and children may study in elementary or secondary schools. Should they decide to study at a full-time academic program, they must apply for a separate M-2 status. Dependents may not be employed while in the United States on an M-2 visa.

    If you are interested in joining Epic we would like to ask you to please complete the following form so that we can see if you are eligible for training. Thank you!

    Prequalification enrollment form:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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