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    At present, my career is in finance. I am from India, I am 46yrs old. I would like to start a career as CPL category. I would like to know after investing amount in learning CPL. What are the possibilities in getting a job? Do you provide placement assistance? I would like to know the complete fee without any hidden charges. Thank you


    Hello Ashi1911,

    Hiring is ultimately up to the efforts of the individual. Many Epic students from outside of the US will return to their home country to seek employment once they have completed their pilot training at Epic Flight Academy. Every airline has its own set of hiring requirements, and we encourage our students to review a particular airline’s hiring requirements before applying for a First Officer or Captain position.

    Here is an article on hiring requirements for airlines around the world:

    Our Airline Pilot Program for international students takes you through all the training necessary to become a professional pilot under FAA standards. For international students, tuition is $69,917.00, and it takes approximately 7 months to complete the training.

    This includes of Private Pilot Course (3 Months), Instrument Rating (2 Months), and Commercial Pilot Course (2 Months). Non-tuition cost like housing is not included.

    To see if you qualify for this training, kindly complete this prequalification form:

    Thank you for using our forum!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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