Western Union - Epic Flight Academy

Western Union Instructions for Epic Flight Academy

For your convenience, if you need to make a payment via Western Union, please utilize the following details:

Registered Personnel:
Sarah Rodriguez – Epic Flight Academy

Our Address:
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168 USA

Contact Phone Number:
1-386-409-5583 x358

Important Steps:

  1. Reference Student’s Name: Ensure the student’s name is clearly referenced on the Western Union form.
  2. Locating a Western Union Center: If necessary, visit ‘Find a Western Union Location‘ online to find the nearest center.
  3. Submit Receipt to Recruiter: Provide a copy of your Western Union receipt to your recruiter for payment retrieval.
  4. Sarah Rodriguez as Registered Personnel: Include Sarah Rodriguez’s name on the form as she is the registered personnel at Epic Flight Academy authorized to handle transactions with Western Union. Her name is essential for the release of payment.
  5. Confirmation of Payment: Once your Western Union payment is received, you will get a confirmation from your recruiter.
  6. Document Shipping: Upon confirmation of the wire transfer, necessary documents will be shipped to the mailing address you provided or sent electronically, if able.
  7. Assistance with Payment Issues: In case of any issues with this payment method, contact Sarah Rodriguez at 1-386-409-5583 x358 or email us at [email protected]
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