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Ten Student Pilots Assured Pilot Jobs

August 23, 2013

New Smyrna Beach, FL – Epic Flight Academy is extending an exceptional and rare offer to ten domestic student pilots: Graduate with a job.

Only ten domestic student pilots will be eligible to both graduate from Epic Flight Academy’s “Zero to Hero Course” and join Epic’s pilot career center with pilot jobs right away. Not only will the student pilots complete the aviation courses and be offered the job, they’ll be extended a discounted training price of $26,605. This “Zero to Hero Course” takes students with zero flight experience and trains them to become certified flight instructors so they can begin instructing and earning a paycheck at Epic Flight Academy. By becoming a part of Epic’s elite flight instructor team, graduates can be a hero to others who also want to learn to fly by guiding them in the flight training process.

“People ask why are we offering this training and opportunity at such a low price,” said Danny Perna, founder and CEO of Epic. “It’s in large part due to the pilot shortage we are seeing. We need instructors, and this is one way to entice them.”

Epic Flight Academy is located in a community-oriented town and wants to create pilot jobs for those who are passionate about a pilot career. Epic sees so many domestic students that choose to go to college first, and after spending an average $50,000 in tuition for a Bachelor’s Degree they are still searching for pilot jobs with big school loans due. This “Zero to Hero Course” is ideal for those that are looking for a new career and want to take on something exciting and different from sitting at a desk every day. The criteria for this program include:

  • Passionate about becoming a pilot
  • Natural born citizen of the United States
  • Begin training before December 15, 2013
  • Minimum $1,500 payment to start training
  • First come, first served to 10 open slots

“We guarantee flight instructor jobs here at Epic for the first ten student pilots who enroll and meet the criteria,” said Perna. “We hope that by training our own instructors we can meet the heavy demand for new pilots.”

Epic Flight Academy is a Certified Cessna Pilot Center and award-winning flight school in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

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